Damon Really Loses It On 'TVD'

Holy hell. Is everyone OK? Do y'all need tissues? Are your hearts OK? Elena left the Vampire Diaries and I'll be there wasn't a dry eye across America (well, the parts of America where the Vampire Diaries Season 6 finale was visible, anyway). The hardest part, of course, is accepting that Delena will remain apart, ostensibly until the series finale. But we're not the only ones having a terrible time accepting this fact: What is Damon doing in those finale Vampire Diaries Season 6 finale moments? Well, nothing good.

It sort of looks like Damon is ready to be done with this world: He's standing at the tallest point in Mystic Falls' town square and he's disheveled as hell. But let's think about this: That fall wouldn't kill a vampire, and if Damon decided to be human, he probably couldn't have jumped up on top of that steeple. Dude is not suicidal. He is, however, clearly responsible for all the destruction throughout the square.

Matt, who's now a cop with a cop mustache, drives slowly through the square, looking at the mess like he's somehow missed everything that's happened in the last six seasons, so it seems that Matt and Damon may butt heads once again. But the real takeaway here is that Damon is clearly experiencing some seriously dark stuff, which makes me simultaneously sad and hopeful for next season.

While I love Delena as much as the next girl, it will be far more interesting to see how Damon reacts to such real loss. When Stefan died, Damon eventually got his brother back. The reverse happened with Damon died. Everyone finds ways to come back to life on this show, but because Nina Dobrev is out, we know that Damon will actually have to deal with the complex emotions that go with losing her.

Obviously, destruction and mayhem is only the most obvious shade of Damon's grief. But I, for one, can't wait to see what else is going on in that complicated head of his. Even though it means no more life-fulfilling Delena kisses in the rain.

I'll survive. I think.

Image: Annette Brown/CW