This 'Pitch Perfect' Proposal Is Right On Key

Aca-scuse me. I'm not crying. I just have all of my human emotions stuck in my eye. While some of us were freaking out about the release of Pitch Perfect 2 this weekend by forcing all our friends to rewatch the original with us, others were going above and beyond the a cappella call of duty—particularly this guy who proposed to his girlfriend reenacting a scene from Pitch Perfect . Max got all of his friends in on this charade, recruiting them to perform the whole medley that the Treblemakers sing in the final competition in the movie. He burst in to sing the part from B.o.B.'s "Magic," and then stunned girlfriend Lindsay when, at the end of the shenanigans, he got down on one knee and proposed.

I love the way she says yes right away with this total "duh" voice, because really, who wouldn't want to spend their lives with this hardcore of a Pitch Perfect fan? This speaks to a special place in my human heart, being an ex-college a cappella kid and a huge Pitch Perfect nerd to boot. I wish them all the aca-happiness in the world. In the meantime, can we just have a moment of appreciation for this band of goofballs?

This was basically the rager of the century, and it ended so adorably that it will make your heart sing along with them.

Here's the whole proposal below:

And for reference, here's the original scene it was based on:

This is far from the first a cappella proposal feat. In case you have some extra room in your heart and don't have to worry about it bursting into smithereens, here are a few other adorable Pitch Perfect-worthy proposals:

Every a cappella group in USC helping this guy propose

This flash mob a cappella proposal

This surprise Disneyland a cappella proposal

A cappella groups: Setting the bar ridiculously high for proposals since the beginning of the internet. Sorry not sorry for wrecking you emotionally for the rest of the year. See y'all in theaters tomorrow, probably.

Images: Universal Pictures; EllenTube(3)