150 Macy's Stores Getting Makeovers, Hopefully Including These Awesome Upgrades

Macy's is making some sweeping changes that are grabbing my attention. Macy's is giving makeovers to 150 stores in its repertoire, which means that it's upscaling the best-performing locations. I could not be more excited. The mid-level department store is basically my go-to for outfit emergencies, especially now that wedding season is here. The prospect of upscaled stores is certainly a magnetic way to pull me into the store more often.

This initiative reminds me of how JCPenney recently made some cool changes, adding Sephora boutiques and cool diffusion brands, like I Heart Ronson or Olsenboye. According to Racked, Macy's picked outposts with healthy profitability, customer service ratings, and local economies to get these boosts.

But what do the makeovers entail? A lot, actually.

There will be upgraded décor, more high-end offerings, a beefed up staff, and better technology (though what kind of technology goes unmentioned in the article, so fingers crossed for fashion robots). Again, these benefits trickle down to the customer, who in turn enjoys a better shopping experience.

You can't underestimate the power of that! The shopping experience, from the sound to décor, is the sole reason I will choose Target over Walmart 9.5 times out of 10. Sorry, not sorry.

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The top 30 stores will benefit even more. How we don't know, other than being called "platinum doors." Sounds swanky.

Since the details are still pretty vague, here are three things I'd be stoked to see in the improved Macy's locations (besides those robots, of course).

1. Blue Mercury Boutiques

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As Racked noted, Macy's recently bought the indie beauty boutique Blue Mercury. Perhaps the store will add mini Blue Mercury popups in stores, rather than incorporate its brands into the regular counter space. It will feel like hip and chic island unto itself. There are some MAC outposts at Macy's, as well, so the same thing should apply here.

2. Same For Shoes


Why not do a shoe boutique within the larger shoe department, offering pricier options and brands for the more discerning shoe fetishist? It could have its own fitting room with mirrors, free tea, and its own attendants.

3. More Diffusion Lines

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Macy's should take a cue from JCPenney and work with more high-end designers to do a "Macy's only" range. It could be super luxe and limited edition. Make them seasonal, like Target's GO! International program, but produce in limited, as opposed to mass, quantities. Wang for Macy's? McQueen for Macy's? JPG for Macy's? Why not?!

Macy's really can compete with the higher end stores by pumping up the goods it sells and the environment in which it sells them. I admit I'd shop there more with just a few changes.

Think of all the cool launches that would take place at the amazing Herald Square location. I'm getting antsy just thinking about it.

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