Men Download Dating Apps More, But Women Pay For Them And Use Them More, Study Says

If you’re a women who's ever used a dating app, it can feel like you’re in a sea of bro dudes who just want to troll you with petty insults and dick pics until you’re forced to report them. In fact, that feeling isn’t completely wrong with statistics finding that men, at least on Tinder, outnumber women two-to-one. But while this may be the case on some apps, a new study has found that when it comes to dating apps in general, men may download dating apps more, but women are the ones actually using them.

Dating apps are the go-to for anyone looking to find love, casually date, or to just get some sexy action. Pretty much everyone and their mother have downloaded an app, and even if they’re not single, they have even used them, too. But according to the study by marketing platform Liftoff, when a new dating app hits the scene, 52 percent of men will download it compared to only 40.70 percent of women who do so. Women, on the other hand, at six percent, are more likely to pay for “premium” services than men, because go big or go home, right?

But because this discrepancy in usage and investment in premium services exists, women are charged more to download a dating app — over a whole dollar more. Ladies, while you’re dropping an average $3.78 on an app, your male counterpart is spending only $2.70. Sure that doesn’t seem like much, but after a while dollars add up and nine of them equals a glass of the fancy wine at your favorite bar.

In the end, the reason men are paying less and using the apps the download less than women is because they’re just not committed to the task of finding someone. As the researchers found, guys just want to check out the women, see what’s out there, then move on to another app that might offer something else, something “better,” if you will. (You know, someone who’s going to take them up on their offer to send dick pics.) Women don’t give up so easily; women invest their time and their money (premium, baby!), and are willing to stick around far longer.

So I guess if you see some guy on a dating app who isn’t a total creep and has all his limbs, you best snatch him up, before he moves on, and never checks that particular dating app again. There’s nothing sadder than a perfectly curated message sitting in someone’s inbox with no hope of ever being read, especially if you’re paying for that premium service.

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