Beyonce Just Wore Jeans From H&M

by Kali Borovic

All hail Queen Bey's affordable look! No stranger to being on top of all the latest trends, Beyoncé just wore H&M jeans as she stepped out onto the streets of New York, and celeb style stalkers across the country freaked out (naturally). This time followers of the fashion icon were able to land the exact look themselves, and, according to E! News, caused Beyoncé's distressed jeans to sell out at every H&M Store.

Looking like a million bucks in her denim trend, Beyoncé showed the world that great fashion doesn't have to be super expensive. The $39.99 H&M jeans made the pop star a walking billboard for the brand (as opposed to summer 2013, when she was just the regular type of billboard for them), and caused the Beyoncé effect to once again take control of women everywhere.

The star paired the distressed jeans with a graphic tee that reads Never Forget to Say Thank You and a pair of bright, strappy heels — aka the outfit we'll all be wearing all summer. This look was a little more doable than her nearly naked look at the Met Gala, but the pants have done just as much damage on social media.

The exact look may be sold out across the globe, but that doesn't mean your style has to suffer. High-waisted distressed jeans are a trend that not just H&M predicted. I'm here to save the day with five other distressed jeans that won't break the bank.

H&M, $39.95

Forever 21, $27.90

Go Jane, $39

Love Melrose, $39.99

American Eagle, $49.95

Love Culture, $32.95

ASOS, $65

Images: Courtesy Brands