How To Throw A Co-ed Bachelorette Party, Because The Best Party Ever Doesn't Have To Be Segregated By Gender

Perhaps the mere idea of wearing a giant plastic penis around your head the night before you announce your undying love for someone else doesn’t exactly excite you. Or maybe the idea of some woman rubbing her boobs in your fiancé’s face doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies. After all, only your boobies should be thrusting in front of your partner's face while wearing a nurse outfit. Some of you may still want the traditional bachelorette party, but if you think excluding the boys is so 1992 then perhaps you should consider a joint bachelor bachelorette party.

No strippers or penises need be involved. Heck, you can even invite the fam. Look at this as a way to celebrate your love in a way that doesn’t involve vomiting or embarrassment. Plus, you can actually post these pics on social media. And let’s face it, isn’t that the ultimate reason to have a party? The Hangover this is not. If you're more about celebrating your new journey together rather than mourning the end of your single days with total debauchery, then perhaps a Jack N’ Jill shower is for you. Here’s are some ideas for cool co-ed bachelor / bachelorette party that are friendly to all of your friends.

1. Karaoke


What could be better than watching your tone deaf partner belt out bad 80s tunes in front of your wedding party? Maybe apple pie, but that's it I'd say. If you still want a little debauchery and silliness, karaoke is the way to go. You can fill get drunk and act like a fool; the only difference is you'll be together.

2. Lawn Party


If it's warm enough, a party in your backyard can be a fantastico way to celebrate. Just think of all the lawn games you can incorporate: corn hole, croquet, or badminton. Either fire up the grill or go for a crawfish boil. Nothing says bonding like debating grilling techniques or peeling the shells of a crustacean.

3. Wine / Brewery Tour

Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Assuming everyone in your group drinks, this a win-win event. Everyone likes to drink wine. Dudes included. Or you could do a brewery hop going from one brewery to another. Just make sure you have a designated driver if you decide to drive!

4. Amusement Park


This might be my favorite idea. For the simple fact that I love nothing more than squeezing onto my dude when I’m screaming on a roller coaster. Or getting stuck at the top of the Ferris Wheel. Or sharing funnel cake. Amusement parks are chock full of fun! Amusement parks leave everyone in a good mood.

5. The Beach


If all else fails, just take everyone to the beach. It's cheap, easy, involves very little planning, and you don't have to entertain anyone. Plus, you can make sand castles. And make out in the water.

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