How Phoebe From 'Friends' Comes Up With Her Songs

Of all the reasons to be depressed about the fact that Friends hasn't given us a new episode in over a decade now, perhaps the most devastating thing is the knowledge that we will never again hear Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay sing a song that we haven't heard before. Never again will she strum along to some nonsense from the Central Perk stage — or in Monica and Rachel's living room, or from anywhere really — at just exactly the right moment to completely break the tension and crack you up.

Of course, we can still catch her songs in syndicated episodes as they re-air, and "Smelly Cat" has earned itself a permanent place in most of our brains since it gets stuck there at least once a year even now. However, there's nothing new coming down the pipeline. Phoebe's guitar, and her perfectly nasal voice, are silenced forever, except in our memories, and that's one of the world's tragedies that just doesn't get enough attention.

So, in celebration of our gal's talents as a singer-songwriter, I thought we could honor Phoebe by breaking down exactly how she came up with her songs, and what inspired them. It can't bring the series back to the air, but it might be able to help you write a genius line like "My skin is soapy, and my hair is wet / and 'tegrin' spelled backward is 'nirget'" all on your own! CAN YOU IMAGINE?

So, without further ado, here's how Phoebe from Friends came up with her songs, in all of their vaguely-rhyming glory!

Image: NBC; Dawn Foster/Bustle