The Science Behind #TheDress Has Been Revealed

by Lauren Turner

Remember when #TheDress took over the internet, and created so many problems between you and everyone you know? Well the science behind #TheDress has been revealed and it proves that the whole thing wasn't just a huge set up. Scientists published a piece in the Current Biology journal about why some people saw a gold and white dress, and why others saw blue and black (I personally saw a blue and gold dress, but that beside the point).

Basically, it breaks down to three main factors: the light condition that your eyes are used to, your age and gender, and the fact that blue is a really hard color to process. To start, when a person's eyes are conditioned to see in natural light, more often than processed light, it changes the way they see color. And according to a study by Wellesley College and MIT researchers, those people are the ones that saw the dress as being white and gold. Another group who saw the dress as gold and white were women and older people, because gender and eye age affect the light wavelengths you recognize. And to take this all a step further, another study pointed out how everyone sees blue differently.

I know, I know. So much jargon, so much science. But basically, it all boils down to this: You weren't wrong for seeing the dress one way, and your mother/boyfriend/sister/best friend wasn't either. All you can do is blame science, and let it go.

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