Did 'Pretty Little Liars' N.A.T. Club Kill Sara Harvey? This Theory Ties Her To Ali, Charles, & More

Remember the early days of Pretty Little Liars when the girls' biggest concern was those N.A.T. Club videos and whether Ian was really the murderous psychopath they suspected? It's been quite some time since we truly delved into that mystery, probably because our biggest concern as loyal PLL fans is the true identity of Charles as Big A. But maybe we shouldn't ignore the notorious N.A.T. Club, because a huge bomb could be dropped on us in Pretty Little Liars Season 6 that explains the connection between this group, A, and Alison. Did the N.A.T. Club murder Sara Harvey? There is reason to believe that her murder is the big secret they've been keeping all along.

We have never met Sara (and may never meet her), but that doesn't mean she's not a major player in this whole A mess. In case you forgot, Sara was a girl who disappeared roughly around the same time that Alison did, and because the girls shared similar physical characteristics, Hanna thought the stranger's body may have been mistaken for Ali's. We now know that isn't true, as Bethany Young was actually the person mistaken for Ali, but it doesn't seem to be the end of the line for Sara's story. Varjak's phone number shown in Season 5 spelled out SARA HARVEY, and showrunner I. Marlene King tweeted this cryptic message about the show's other dead blonde.

So far, all we know about Sara is that she was the Queen Bee of her school, much like Ali, and disappeared under similar circumstances. But what if her likeness to Ali is what got her killed in the first place? Her death could have been a particularly tragic example of mistaken identity.

We know that the night Ali disappeared, Jenna and Garrett saw Ali, and Garrett pretended to attack Ali with a field hockey stick. That night, the N.A.T. Club was talking in hushed tones about something, and Jenna was particularly angry with Ali, almost as if something happened very recently. Melissa, Ian, Garrett and Jenna were looking for Jason's sister that night, and even she seemed to know that they wanted her dead. Ali counted on Garrett to protect her by lying to Jenna and pretending he had killed her.

What if later that night, the group looked for Ali all over town, came across Sara, and killed her due to their resemblance? It might seem like an isolated incident, but in actuality, could explain a great deal about PLL's overall mystery — including Charles.

Charles doesn't seem like a particularly sane guy, but that doesn't mean he wants Ali dead. He keeps Ali (or, rather, Mona-as-Ali) in his lair because she's his "favorite." What if A attacked the members of the N.A.T. Club because he knew that they wanted to kill Ali, which would mean that Charles didn't get to "play" with her anymore, even if his version of play was a particularly disturbing game of cat and mouse? It would explain why Melissa fled the country, and why Jenna has remained a particularly shady character for five seasons. Clearly the group is hiding something, and the murder of an innocent girl in attempt to get vengeance on another 16-year-old could be it.

Only time will reveal the true nature of the N.A.T. Club, but I think we can all agree that this group should have just joined Yearbook instead.

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