What Did The N.A.T. Club See On 'PLL'?

by Kaitlin Reilly

After five jaw-dropping and anxiety-inducing seasons of Pretty Little Liars, we finally have a name for Big A — Charles DiLaurentis. We know so little about Big A, save for the fact that he has some serious issues with the liars (in addition to a plethora of issues all across the board) and is likely a twin or brother of Jason and Ali. That's all we have confirmed on Charles, but while we know he's a stalker, there's a good chance that Charles is a murderer too. With so many members of the N.A.T. Club allegedly offed at the hands of A, there's a good chance that the N.A.T. Club knows something terrible about Charles — could it be that Charles killed Bethany Young? We might finally figure out how all these terrible events connect in Season 6.

We haven't heard much about the N.A.T. Club in the past season, but that's probably because most of the members have been, uh, "silenced." Garrett was killed on the Halloween train (unless he wasn't, which is an entirely different story), Ian's suicide was really a murder at the hands of A, and Melissa and Jason both fled at separate times to avoid the same fate as their former friends. We know that the N.A.T. Club filmed people around town, and that Jason quit because he felt that the club was getting out of hand — and that they were being hired to film things for the wrong people. The members of the N.A.T. Club who died did so because they "knew too much" — what if what they knew was that Charles killed Bethany?

We know that Charles hates Ali, but there's no reason so far to assume that he hates Bethany. What we do know is that Bethany and Ali were dressed almost identically on the night that Ali disappeared and Bethany was killed. We also can infer that Charles likely attacked Ali with that rock, considering that Mrs. DiLaurentis was quick to bury her own daughter to protect whoever this anonymous attacker was. Mrs. DiLaurentis would do that for another child, which points the finger straight at Charles.

As Samantha Rullo at Bustle noted, the most logical explanation for Charles killing Bethany is that he wanted to kill Ali but got the wrong girl. Pretty much everyone wore a yellow top that night — it wouldn't be illogical to assume that he killed Bethany instead of Ali by mistake. If the N.A.T. Club filmed the murder of Bethany, then it would give Charles plenty of ammo to hunt them down one by one. It might also explain this exchange between Ian and Spencer when Ian attacked her at the bell tower:

Ian tries to kill Spencer because she has his "home movies" — but maybe the home movies he was so worried about wasn't anything that Spencer had seen. Perhaps there was a video that the N.A.T. Club filmed that showed Bethany's murder (believed to be Ali's murder) at the hands of Charles, and also revealed that the club was there and did nothing to stop it. At this point, Melissa believes that she was the one who "killed" Ali by putting her in the grave, which is why Ian would want to "take care" of Spencer by killing her — if the video got out, Melissa could get arrested for burying Bethany's body.

There's no way that the N.A.T. Club is a red herring — something has to be revealed about the true nature of this organization, and it looks like what they know about the night Ali disappeared will be what ultimately brings them all down.

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