Rebel Wilson Wants A Fat Amy Spinoff

by James Tison

Aca-listen up, Pitch Perfect fans! For those of you still high after seeing Pitch Perfect 2in theaters (the film was finally released on May 15), you may need to sit down when you read this, but trust me — it will be worth it. According to Entertainment Weekly, Rebel Wilson wants a Pitch Perfect Fat Amy spinoff — and revealed just that to the magazine. While this project is nowhere near even close to being in the works, I have to say, as a Pitch Perfect fan, the prospect is certainly an exciting one. There could be a lot of potential in a Fat Amy-centric film, as Wilson highlighted in a statement to EW:

"There’s always the Fat Amy origin story, which could be really funny. There was also my backstory in the first movie that never made it on screen. The reason that Amy came to Barden University in the first place was that she was on a football scholarship, like she could kick really well."

Color me intrigued! From the second she walked on screen in the first Pitch Perfect film and introduced her hilariously blunt name, Fat Amy stood out as one of the funniest supporting characters in recent movie memory. She was crass, talented, and she wasn't afraid to fight a hater (some even say she's the best bella)! Plus, she can modern dance and mermaid dance! If that's not reason enough to give Fat Amy her very own movie, then I don't know what is! But, what could this (very) theoretical spinoff it be about?

Of course, spinoffs can be treacherous territory. Sometimes you think you like a character, but it turns out they're not that great when removed from the main storyline. So, what would it take for a Fat Amy movie to truly stand alongside the greatness that are the Pitch Perfect movies?

Here are seven ideas for a possible Fat Amy movie, just in case Hollywood needs some ideas (or inspiration!) to actually get one in the works.

Fat Amy's Movie Should Have It's Own Musical Tone

We all love the musical numbers in the Pitch Perfect movies, but most of the the Bellas' songs are heavily influenced by Beca's love for David Guetta. Now, there's nothing wrong with David Guetta, of course — but, a potential Fat Amy spinoff should have it's own style that's more suited to Fat Amy's taste. After all, in Pitch Perfect 2, Fat Amy stated that she's not sure of what she wants to do after graduation (apart from mack on Bumper and singing "We Belong" by Pat Benatar) — maybe Fat Amy ends up in a hardcore South African rap group? An Enya cover band?

Involve Original Cast Members

Sure, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow shouldn't be in the whole movie, but maybe sprinkle them here and there! Maybe just one quick musical number in the beginning, and then shift the focus to Fat Amy! Wouldn't it have been great if Knocked Up's Seth Rogen had been in This Is 40, even if just for one scene? A Fat Amy spinoff shouldn't make the same mistake.

Change Fat Amy's Usual Role Within Group Dynamics

Fat Amy likes to play the Peanuts gallery in any given situation, and she usually snipes at anyone who's taking anything too seriously. How great would it be to see her foisted into some kind of real leadership position? Send her off to a new job, or maybe a summer camp where she can teach a bunch of misfit kids and/or nuns how to sing!

Don't Go For The Origin Story

I love Rebel Wilson, but I hope her idea for a movie centered around a Fat Amy origin story was nothing more than press junket small talk. Remember Dumb and Dumber: When Harry Met Lloyd, Star Wars: Episodes I-III, or Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me? If there's one thing audiences don't care about, it's whole movies centered on our favorite characters' backstories.

Don't Make Every Joke About Her Weight

Sometimes spinoff films have a tendency to isolate what works about a character in the original film and/or television show, and make an entire film about those qualities (i.e. every movie about a Saturday Night Live character). Fat Amy's demeanor and cartoonish pratfalls work when paired with Pitch Perfect's more even-tempered central characters, but if Fat Amy becomes the star of her own film, the movie shouldn't be an endless parade of these things. There's so much more to Fat Amy, and a movie should highlight that.

Don't Recast Other Actors As Characters From The Original Films

Just in case anyone in Hollywood was wondering if Lea Michele could step in for Anna Kendrick if they want to involve Beca but Kendrick is too busy making musicals, just stop that line of thinking right this second! Remember Son of the Mask, Home Alone 3, or The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas? Of course you don't! Barely anybody saw those films, because that's what happens when you replace Jim Carrey, Macaulay Culkin, or John Goodman. Just create new characters!

Involve Elizabeth Banks As Much As Possible

Let's face it: we'd all love to see a spinoff for Elizabeth Banks' judgmental competition announcer as much as we'd all like to see Fat Amy in her own starring vehicle. I say, give us both! Plus, Banks directed Pitch Perfect 2, so how great would it be if she also helmed a spin-off?

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