"My Parents Swiped Right" Onesie From Tinder Baby Is The Height Of Fashion If Your Parents Met on Tinder

While the iconic show How I Met Your Mother might have given our generation one idea of how we'd tell our children about how we met the love of our lives, the real-life version will probably involve a dating app. And here to make sure the kids get that news as quickly as possible is the "My Parents Swiped Right" onesie. You can buy it from a company called Tinder Baby. Welcome to the new millennium.

"My Parents Swiped Right" is of course a reference to the way Tinder works: you swipe left to reject a potential match, and right to accept them. And while Tinder is most commonly considered a hookup app, people have gotten real relationships out of it, as well — and ultimately even babies. Ronny Sage the co-founder of Tinder Baby, which is not affiliated with Tinder itself, told DNAinfo Chicago that "generation Tinder" children are now very much a reality.

"One of my close friends told us that their friend is having a baby with someone they met on Tinder. I was like, 'No f-ing way,'" Sage said. "From that moment, we imagined the onesie." He added that he was amazed the TinderBaby.com web domain was still available, but it was. So the world now has this onesie. Because of course we did.

Tinder feels so lighthearted and random — when you're swiping through hundreds of photos it's hard to take the process seriously — that the idea there might be actually living human beings whose existence depended on the app is just weird. Something like Tinder just shouldn't have that kind of power. But apparently it does.

So is the "My Parents Swiped Right" onesie a testament to the terrifying ways that chance and circumstance affect our lives? A celebration of how good things can come from the places you least expect? Or is it just a way to scandalize your parents and confuse your more buttoned up aunts? Well, I suppose that's up to you to decide.

But if you are raising a Tinder baby, you can buy the onesie for $19.99 in sizes ranging from newborn to 18 months. And then, if they ever ask how it is that their parents met, you can just show them pictures of the onesie and let them work it out. It's like How I Met Your Mother except way, way more efficient.

Image: TinderBaby.com