Kelly Clarkson Songs To Rock The Frick Out To

Let's face it: Kelly Clarkson is a woman of many talents. Not only did she rise to international fame after gleaning a title as the first ever American Idol champion, she has an affinity for dishing out hit after hit, after hit, after — well, you see where I'm going with this. Clarkson is a formidable force in the pop music scene; she is able to showcase her powerful pipes in a versatile way. As far as tear-jerking ballads go, Clarkson has delivered tenfold with beautiful tracks like "Because Of You" and — more recently — the very personal "Piece By Piece." Clarkson has also dabbled in the country music genre, teaming up with Jason Aldean in 2010 for the hit track (and a favorite fixture on my iTunes) "Don't You Wanna Stay" and by doing a country-infused version of "Because Of You" with her current mother-in-law — and country music legend — Reba McEntire.

Basically, there's nothing Clarkson can't do. Throughout her career, she has also dispensed a smorgasbord of pop hits that have enough gritty rock elements to get us thoroughly amped up. I mean, honestly, am I the only person that still finds myself jumping up and down every time "Since U Been Gone" finds its way into my earbuds? Let's take a look a the amazing Clarkson tunes that made us want to get up and dance.

"Miss Independent" From 2003

This was one of Clarkson's first hits after being deemed the first Idol winner, and there was no doubt that she was going to go on to do big things. The song starts out a bit slow before building up to a rocking chorus that made us all want to get up and dance.

"Since U Been Gone" From 2004

This might be the quintessential breakup anthem. One word for this song: FIERCE. Although I doubt Clarkson has ever taken to trashing an ex's apartment, the video definitely spoke to several jilted daters' angst and offered the perfect track to rock out to.

"Walk Away" From 2004

The music video for this energetic track showcased a truth that we all experienced while listening to Clarkson songs: it is impossible to mop floors, vacuum your home, check yourself out in the mirror of a public restroom, or what have you without dancing.

"Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" From 2011

Not only did this song make us want to get up and dance, it was super inspirational and empowering to boot.

"People Like Us" From 2013

Once again, Clarkson deftly paired an energetic I-need-to-get-up-and-dance-NOW sound with an inspirational and empowering message.

"Never Again" From 2007

Some may have forgotten about this gritty Clarkson track from 2007. Lucky for you, I'm here to remind you about the phenomenal "Never Again". I definitely felt some Alanis Morrissette circa "You Oughta Know" inspiration going on in this song, eh?

"Heartbeat Song" From 2015

Is it possible to be sweet and sentimental in a song while also offering the ultimate anthem to dance to? Apparently so. Case-in-point: Clarkson's "Heartbeat Song" from 2015.

Image: Screengrab/Vevo