8 Reasons Rebekah From 'The Originals' Needs To Choose Her Claire Holt Body In Season 3

Ah, didn't you just love the season finale of The Originals? The giant family battle scenes, the death of an enemy, all of which sets the stage for the new arcs that will come next season. Best yet? The appearance of Claire Holt, returning to her original vampire body for one final fight against Dahlia. Even though I knew she would be making a return appearance it was still so fantastic to see Holt back as Rebekah, and it led to a pretty interesting plot twist. The end of Season 2 had Freya being a pretty nice sister, offering her the choice of a mortal life and Rebekah declining to choose. She has two options for which body she can keep — her Claire Holt vampire body (Rebekah #1) or her very much human witch body (Rebekah #2) that just so happens to be played by actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers.

I can see why Rebekah would want to stay human: her desire for children has always been a driving force for her character. But the truth is that Rebekah needs to choose her Claire Holt body. Hands down. It's nothing against Richardson-Sellers, Holt is just an outstanding Rebekah and I can think of at least eight reasons she needs to return to the series for good this time.

1. Family Chemistry

The Aussie actress has always had great chemistry with her onscreen brothers Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies, and that kind of spark is hard to recapture with a new actress. It's been odd enough having a new Mikaelson sister thrown in the mix, and having a different Rebekah in addition to newbie Freya changes the balance of the original family.

2. That Marcel Sizzle

If we though her familial chemistry with her onscreen brothers was good, that's pretty much nothing compared to the sparks between Holt-Rebekah and Charles Michael Davis. They sizzle onscreen, and I'm not ready to see him with someone else!

3. What About All The Flashbacks?

Sure, they've could get Holt to come by for a rare flashback now — but if she stayed on the show they could do expanded flashbacks that show their layered history, rather than just talking about it. No one does period costumes like The Originals!

4. Her Incredible Sass

There's just something about Holt that brings out the sassy side of Rebekah. Every episode sees our girl get in an amazing dig, usually at Klaus' expense... which is just the best.

5. Amazing One-Liners

Going hand in hand with sass is Holt's killer (pun intended) delivery of the many Rebekah one-liners. It feels like those have been in short supply lately, I know they've been busy fighting Dahlia but I really feel like the jokes should be the last thing to go.

6. Her Vulnerability

There's just something about the sadness the Original Mikaelson sister brings to her character that makes us root for her to win, even when she's up against Klaus.

7. She's Immortal

It's simple math. When this woman is playing Rebekah, she's a nearly invincible vampire with super strength. When she's in her alterna-body she is a witch, and way more easily hurt or damaged.

8. My Own Stubborn Loyalty

It's not that I don't love Maisie Richardson-Sellers, I am just plain attached to the, well, original Rebekah. She's been building that character since The Vampire Diaries, and the Mikaelson family doesn't feel complete without her.

Come back, Claire!

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