On 'SNL,' Hillary Clinton Is Ready To Campaign

Saturday Night Live is always a step ahead of political action, especially Hillary Clinton's run for presidency. Just a day before Hillary Clinton announced her presidential campaign, SNL spoofed her announcement courtesy of the amazing Kate McKinnon. Now that Clinton has officially announced her presidential campaign, SNL has a perfect go-to skit idea: anything Hillary Clinton related. And although there was no real timely tie to Saturday's Hillary Clinton sketch, it was still the perfect reason to feature the former Secretary of State and First Lady and toast to the summer.

The skit started at an unsuspecting picnic with four of the SNL players toasting to the summer season. They sang a few notes about "that time of year" when Kate McKinnon, as Clinton, showed up to let the picnickers know she was heading on the road to start her campaign (the election isn't for another year and a half, of course). And because she'll be busy visiting fertilizer plants, she won't be taking a summer vacation — she hasn't had a summer vacation since 1953, when she played one round of hopscotch with her sister and didn't really feel it.

Clinton also crashed a singing group of young surfers. In hopes to appeal to a younger crowd, she informed them she'd be turning 69 years old in two years ("Billary Rodham Clinton" — played by Darrell Hammond — told her to say that). She also promised to meet every single voter alive before her campaign, while running along side a biking couple who informed her that the election is still quite a while a way. No rest for Hillary Clinton, though.

Perhaps the best interaction Clinton had with the singing cast members was with Aidy Bryant and Pete Davidson, who were children playing in the sand, building a sandcastle — Little Baby Aidy's "dream house." Clinton crushed the sandcastle that the kids built after learning that their parents aren't going to vote for her, and will never like her, but not before showing her dream house, a replica of The White House.

Images: Dana Edelson/NBC