Will Harry Be At The Billboard Music Awards?

by Daniela Cabrera

Apart from that weird Twitter feud between Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy, news on the One Direction front has been relatively quiet, which is great for the boys. They've been going through quite some drama since Zayn Malik left the band, but they have been on a little tour hiatus which is a nice change to chill out. They are due back in the U.K. in early June, and the band's most independent member, Harry Styles, has been seen hanging out and soaking up the rays in Los Angeles for the past month. There is a pretty big entertainment event coming up in Los Angeles on May 17, so I wonder, will Harry Styles be at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards?

Well, my Directioners, if you can't get enough of Harry Styles in his man-bunned glory on your television set, Sunday is your lucky day. Last week, Us Weekly reported that One Direction will be presenting at the Billboard Awards, which will also mark their first awards show appearance as a foursome without Zayn Malik. The moment will be bittersweet for many fans, but let's just focus on the positive here: Harry Styles will at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards! Because of this, I took it upon myself to make a wish list of a few things we hope to see from Styles because it's been far too long.

Another Epic Audience Moment

Remember when Styles sat behind Rihanna at the VMAs and ate an orange without a care in the world? Well, photos of the awards seating arrangements have been leaked an guess who Styles is sitting behind? NICKI MINAJ. We need some selfies, flirting, and maybe another orange situation.

A Reunion With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is going to be a big part of the awards, with her reveal of her celebrity-filled "Bad Blood" video, so fans obviously would love to see their favorite star-crossed lovers meet up and share some kind words with each other. This would be extra interesting if Swift's rumored beau Calvin Harris is in attendance, too.

Proof That 1D Is Fine As A Foursome

This will be One Direction's first major red carpet appearance since Malik parted ways with them, and I hope see them continue to bask in the support of their fans and prove that their bond is a strong as ever. I look forward to red carpet flirting and suggestive gropes of each other as always.

A Snazzy New Tailored Suit

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We fans love One Direction in suits and always look forward to the opportunity when they will bless us with some new designs. Styles has got that Mick Jagger/pilgrim steeze on lock, so I am hoping for either something totally different, or full-fledged floral blouse and open-chest glory. Who am I kidding? Anything would work.

A Clearly View Of His New Tattoos

OK, I know his tattoo is on his thigh and I'm not saying he should show his thigh at an awards show, but I mean, how else would we see it...? Ahem.

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