Kelly Clarkson Debuts New Track At BBMAs

If your first reaction to the news that Kelly Clarkson will perform at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 17, was a resounding "YASSS!" then congratulations — you and I already have something in common. It's been over a decade since Clarkson was crowned the first ever American Idol winner, and the pop powerhouse has been dispensing smash hits ever since. Clarkson's new album, Piece by Piece, was her third album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart. Impressing fans and critics with her powerful pipes and lyrical prowess is old hat for Clarkson, so it comes as no surprise that she was invited to perform at the 2015 Billboards.

The one question fans likely had on their minds after the news hit that Clarkson would be performing at the 2015 Billboards was this: what is our favorite songstress going to sing? "Heartbeat Song" — the leading single from Piece by Piece — would be a likely choice, but, as us die-hard Clarkson fans know, she has basically a Rolodex of hits to choose from, including several new tracks from Piece by Piece that have already gleaned plenty of accolades.

Clarkson debuted a new track during her performance at the Billboards, singing "Invincible." There's no surprise here: she absolutely killed it. Appearing on an illuminated platform, Clarkson's powerhouse vocals were as strong as ever as she belted out empowering lines like "having courage now" and "I was running from an empty threat that didn't exist... now I'm invincible and I'm a perfect storm." When the music came to a stop, we were able to truly hear Clarkson belt out the highest of high notes.

The pop star's performance was — in a word — amazing. Well done, Kelly Clarkson! I can't wait to see the music video for this inspirational ballad.