7 'Mad Men' Drinks To Help You Toast A Final Farewell To Don, Betty, Peggy, And The Gang

Even if you've never seen a single episode of Mad Men in your life, you've probably heard by now that the popular AMC drama is wrapping up its last season... and even if you're completely estranged from the wild world of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, chances are you love a good themed cocktail. That's why to celebrate the end of a television era, you're going to want one of these Mad Men drinks as you toast farewell to all your favorite characters. From the classic dry martini to fresh new twists on the traditional old fashioned, there's something here to whet your palate no matter what your tastes.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Old Fashioned

It wouldn’t be a Mad Men farewell party if you didn’t have a classic old fashioned on the menu. Crepes of Wrath shows you how to make this throwback drink with bitters, bourbon, and a dash of style.

Image and recipe: Crepes of Wrath

Rosemary Old Fashioned

After seven whole seasons of Mad Men madness, an old fashioned may feel a bit cliche. Mix up the old standard with this rosemary twist by A Spicy Perspective.

Image and recipe: A Spicy Perspective

Extra Dirty Martini

Perfect for a working lunch, or just for sipping on as you silently try not to sob to yourself over the loss of your favorite show. How Sweet It Is shows you how to make this classic cocktail extra stiff.

Image and recipe: How Sweet It Is

NOLET Silver Peach Old Fashioned

NOLET’s silver peach old fashioned contains an ounce and a quarter of dry gin, a quarter ounce simple syrup, and three dashes of peach bitters. A sliced peach for garnish tops the whole thing off in the most delicious way possible.

Image and recipe: NOLET


A good, strong Manhattan will always be a good time — even if you’re not quite ready to see Mad Men come to an end.

Image and recipe: The Kitchn

Blood Orange Whiskey Negroni

Whiskey, blood orange, and Campari come together beautifully in this end-all be-all of cocktails by Climbing Grier Mountain, so you can end the night on one super spirited high note.

Image and recipe: Climbing Grier Mountain

Gin and Tonic

An oldie but goodie. With a few refreshing ribbons of cucumber mixed in for good measure, this gin and tonic by Simply Delicious is a much-needed update on your go-to well drink.

Image and recipe: Simply Delicious