15 Dinosaur Print Fashion And Accessories Because Nothing Says Cool Like The Jurassic Era

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On June 12 Jurassic World is going to take over movie theaters, and I think the little kid in all of us is sitting on the edge of our seat in palpable anticipation. What our collective curiosity about the classic Spielberg franchise tells me is that inside all of us is some downright dino lovin’ no matter our age, and what better way to channel this than dinosaur print fashion?

There are many motifs, like dinosaurs, that get relegated to the world of children’s wear, rarely encroaching on adult fashions except in the most kitschy of forms (ugly sweaters). Why is it that when we think fashionable we never think dinosaurs? And it’s not just dinosaurs, everything from space rockets to ponies seems to be the sole property of the 0-10 age group. For a demographic with relatively weak purchasing power, toddlers have staked a pretty strong and hitherto unchallenged claim on dinosaur territory.

Perhaps the upcoming Jurassic World film has even got the fashion industry in a tizzy, because there are a lot of dino-inspired fashions floating around right now. Damn good news too — it’s about time us adults take back the prehistoric and state unequivocally, “Move over kiddo, I can wear dinos, too!”

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