10 Ways To Stay In Touch With People After You Graduate, Because You Promised To Be Friends Forever

If you just graduated — from high school, college, or grad school — you’re probably feeling a weird jumble of excitement and panic. Entering a new chapter of life is scary enough to begin with, but parting ways with all of the friends you’ve bonded with and embarrassed yourself in front of too many times to remember… that’s the hardest part. Staying in touch with people after you graduate is always tougher than you think, but there are plenty of ways to make sure you and your best friends stay close — no matter how far apart you are.

Even if you’re all moving to different parts of the country (or to foreign countries, because there’s always that one friend heading off to Europe who you’ll envy), there are lots of things you can do to keep the friendship alive. Between email and Skype, it’s almost too easy to keep your former roommate informed of all of the new and exciting (or unbearably unexciting) things going on in your post-grad life. The Internet is a magical thing, so send her as many Liz Lemon gifs as your heart desires. If you’re not a fan of texting or talking on the phone, don’t fret! Try one of these other fun ways to stay BFFs.

1. Video chat

It's the closest you'll get to seeing each other in person without traveling, and you can nerd out with multiple friends if you use an app like Google Hangouts or GroupMe.

2. Write letters

Sure, you could email, but handwritten letters are more personal. It's also just nice to receive mail other than credit card offers and wedding invites once in a while.

3. Share music

I'm a big fan of curating Spotify playlists and sharing them with my friends. Or it's fun to send YouTube links for throwback jams from your college parties.

4. Visit

This is what you'll feel like when you do. Take a bus, train, plane, or pedicab to get there, it doesn't matter... sometimes you just need to see your friends in person.

5. Plan a trip together

Meeting up with two of my closest college friends in Amsterdam after a year apart was one of the best life decisions I've ever made. What's a little credit card debt?

6. Send random gifts

A book, weird candy, cat stickers... if you see a small something that you know would make your friend smile, send it! Unexpected gifts are the best, no matter how silly. I once received an autumn leaf in the mail from a close friend, and it pretty much made my day.

7. Snapchat it up

You can send dozens of selfies and pictures of your new cat without cluttering Instagram.

8. Start a long-distance book club

Even though your lives may be moving in different directions, you know you'll be reading the same thing. Plus, it'll force you to group chat and discuss.

9. Start a blog or podcast together

You've joked about starting that Pokemon podcast for years, so why not do it? You'll be excitedly calling your friend and making plans all the time.

10. Talk on the phone

When in doubt, kick it old school.

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