Toysyndrome Offers Plus Sizes And Actually Uses A Plus Model To Sell Them, Proving That Size Inclusivity Is Always Doable

Street style indie brand Toysyndrome, a fave of Tavi Gevinson and Lena Dunham, doesn't just make cute and quirky tops using 3D plastic toy embroidery offered in straight and plus sizes. It also uses a plus-size model on its website. Designer Natalya Nyn's line of tees, crop tops, and sweatshirts comes in sizes S to XXL and features models who appear to run the gamut of the sizes to show off its wares. I mean, it just makes sense that the people who would wear your clothes are the ones who would model it, right?!

With size-inclusive brand Courtney Noelle employing the strategy of using exclusively plus-size women of color as its models late last year, I hope that this move is a trend that we continue to see more designers and retailers embrace. While many indie brands don't cater to plus-size women at all and others will only do so specifically upon request, seeing a line that embraces the plus-size babes who are equally as weird as their straight-size counterparts and want to wear bugs on their shirts is refreshing and very welcome.

Everyone should get a glimpse of how cute they're gonna look in the clothes and how they'll fit different bodies before they buy anything. And plus-size women want a bigger range of options and want to support indie brands, too. It's nice when a brand seems equally as happy to have them as customers.

V-Neck Crop Top Bettle Tee, $60,

Images: Courtesy Toy Syndrome