The 'Pretty Little Liars' Theory That Paige "Killed" Mona Totally Adds Up & Season 6 Could Prove It

With only a few weeks left until the Season 6 premiere of Pretty Little Liars (that’s June 2, by the way), us super fans have only a short amount of time to look for clues before the new season. I’ve been looking more closely at some secondary characters to see whether or not their intentions are more dastardly than we originally imagined. Right now, I’m pretty convinced that Paige is a member of the A team. She tried to drown Emily, which everyone has pretty much forgotten since they’ve gotten together, and, on the surface, that has been the worst of it.

So far, many fans have assumed that characters like Andrew Campbell and even Toby Cavanaugh are the evil ones, but it’s the quiet ones that you really have to watch out for, no? Paige came onto the scene jealous of Emily, because the Liar was taking Paige’s spot as captain of the Rosewood High School swim team. Tumblr user Everything—PLL has a very, very interesting theory that Paige was the one who killed Mona. Though the theory is a little out of date, considering we know that Mona is alive and stuck in the dollhouse with Charles and the Liars, its foundation is still strong. Paige may not be Big A (because we now know that's Charles), but it doesn’t mean that Paige isn’t working for Charles.

Here’s proof that Paige could be aiding the A enemy.

Paige Almost Drowned Emily, So She’s Capable Of Violence

I know I mentioned this, but Paige once got so filled with rage and jealousy of Emily that she literally tried to drown her in the school swimming pool. I mean, who does that? She certainly has anger issues, don’t you think? This point was mostly forgotten about while Paige and Emily were dating, but once they split up Emily even brought it back up. Paige isn’t afraid of getting blood on her hands (Charles isn’t either, obviously), and that’s an important part of being on the A team. I think that A wanted Emily gone but changed the plan halfway through, having Paige date Emily to get closer to her.

Paige & Mona Have A Not-So-Great Past

It’s no secret that Paige and Mona are pretty much mortal enemies. I can’t blame Paige for hating Mona: Mona used to call Paige disgusting on a daily basis and even adopted the name “Pigskin” for her. This could be a motive as to why A took Mona before any of the other girls and even staged a very bloody murder scene to make a point. Mona was capable of pretty serious verbal brutality, and Paige may have upped that to physical brutality.

Paige Hates Playing Second Fiddle

Paige doesn’t love to be second. She wanted to be captain of the swim team and was not happy when Emily took it from her. She didn’t love Maya being around Emily because she wanted to date Emily, and there’s talk on the Internet that she was responsible for Maya’s death, too, as explained by Tumblr's rosewood-clues. Paige likes to be No. 1, and this inferiority complex is similar to the one Charles has. They’re like two peas in a pod.

Paige Gave Up Ali’s Location Against Emily’s Wishes

When Emily was trying to get Ali money to run away (again), Paige dropped an anonymous letter to the police saying that Ali was alive and even gave an address on where to start looking for her. Paige was obviously not invested enough in her relationship with Emily to obey her wishes, and that’s because she was invested in her relationship with Charles. Though the police also wanted to know where Ali was, Charles was trying for years to find the whereabouts of who we now believe is his sister. The Rosewood Police Department wasn’t the only one that stood to gain from knowing where Ali was: Charles needed that info, too.

Basically, Paige has been super untrustworthy since the beginning of her tenure on Pretty Little Liars. Though most see her as a red herring, I think that she has something to do with A’s game, and she’s been watching and waiting for her turn to get revenge. According to Zap2It, we will see Paige during Season 6, so it's only a matter of time before light is shed on this secret A minion.

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