8 Questions For 'Jane The Virgin' Season 2

Oh, Jane the Virgin. You promised a twist, and boy did you deliver — no pun intended. The chilling kidnapping of Mateo (aka #Matelio, come on #TeamRogelio, let's make this one stick) was terrifying and jaw-dropping, but it wasn't the only cliffhanger in the Season 1 finale. "Chapter 22" left fans with a ton of unanswered questions that Jane the Virgin Season 2 needs to answer ASAP.

Of course, we knew all along that Jane the Virgin would leave us hanging off a major cliff or two (it is the master of the art of "To Be Continued," after all) but the finale twisted us up into knots even the most wary fans didn't see coming. I mean, a kidnapping? Extra sperm samples? Secret undercover cop shenanigans? VEGAS WEDDINGS?? It was all a veritable web of tantalizingly unresolved plot points, and it's going to be quite the treat to watch them all get untangled and retangled next season.

All that's to say, Jane the Virgin left an enormous pile of questions to deal with when it comes back, and here are the top eight.

1) What The Heck Is Sin Rostro Doing With Mateo?

What could a crime lord on the lam possibly want with her ex-step-grandson? I'm guessing it's part of some sort of ploy to steal Rafael's inheritance (in the finale, he did mention the fact that he was very close to the sale of his father's hotel group), or perhaps as a piece of an immunity deal/hostage situation. Heck, it could even be some sort of messed up revenge against Luisa. Any way you cut it, it's seriously messed up and I can't believe we have to wait until next fall to learn the answer.

2) How Will Jane Get Mateo Back?

What Sin Rostro wants, Sin Rostro gets — and even with a decorated detective, a wealthy hotelier, a telenovela superstar, and a fiercely protective family at Jane's side, it's tough to imagine anyone besting the Woman with No Face.

Here's to Michael and Nadine (and her nifty little tracking device) saving the day!

3) Will Petra Get Pregnant?

If I know Petra, she'll definitely try to use Rafael's secret sperm sample, but the fertilization may not be successful. Or she could be thwarted by someone at the last minute. Maybe Luisa will begin working as a gynecologist again and figure out her ex-sister-in-law's plan.

4) Michael Or Rafael?

While Jane didn't end up choosing either suitor in the season finale, the narrator did show a touch of a preference for Michael... does that mean Jane will end up choosing him in Season 2? What with all of the #Matelio drama, Jane's love life is sure to be up in the air for a while, but hopefully she'll choose one of them some day.

5) When Will Jane Lose Her Virginity?

She made it through the first 22 episodes with her virginity in tact, will she make it through 22 more? Unlikely, especially when she has not one, but two ultra-attractive suitors. Luckily, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman has a contingency plan. I've wondered for a while what would happen to the show's title when Jane's... er, status changed, but Urman's got it all figured out. In an interview with Deadline, she revealed that the title will remain Jane the Virgin — except the word "virgin" will get a cheeky strikethrough. A perfect solution.

6) Rogelio & Xo Stay Together?

They may be legally married now (thanks a lot, Vegas), but will they stay that way? Will they seek annulment, or will they try to stick it out? Either way, it's sure to be dramatic — I'm sensing a lot of Ross and Rachel-style shenanigans in the cards for the newlyweds.

7) Will Alba Get With That Priest?

Signs definitely point to yes, and it's going to be one of the show's most deliciously soapy feats to date.

8) Will Jane Be Accepted To An MFA Program?

After everything she's been through, she definitely deserves some good news.

With all of the questions we need answered in Jane the Virgin Season 2, I just wish we could time-jump, telenovela style, to the fall.

Images: Patrick Wymore (3), Greg Gayne (4), Aaron Epstein (2)/The CW