Jane Might Make A Big Choice In The 'JTV' Finale

Over the course of its first season, Jane the Virgin has kept its central love triangle perfectly calibrated at all times. Sure, the scales tip from time to time (how amazing was Rafael and Jane's first kiss? Or Jane's 21st birthday meet-cute with Michael?), but when it comes down to it, Jane's two suitors have always been locked in a pretty dead heat. That's one of the (many) beauties of the show. I mean, with two ridiculously amazing love interests, you've literally got twice the romance, and much higher stakes — which are only rising more rapidly as we approach the Jane the Virgin Season 1 finale. Will Jane choose Michael or Rafael? It's anyone's game at this point.

I admit that I lean slightly towards the Team Michael camp, but I can definitely see the (considerable) merits of both parties, and am genuinely flummoxed in regards to who Jane will end up with 15 years from now, when Jane the Virgin airs its series finale (though even then might be too soon). That said, why not embark on a little speculation? Because even if we don't know who Jane will choose for her endgame, it'll be fun to weigh her options.

Team Rafael

Things have been rather tempestuous in the Jane/Rafael situation ever since she turned down his proposal and he dumped her. But their signature spark is still there and I don't think it's going anywhere — even if Jane is dealing with fast-impending single motherhood, and Rafael's dealing with a murderous stepmom and a murdered dad, as well as some pretty serious abandonment issues c/o Mom, and a failing hotel business. Whew.

All of their obstacles combined with their impulsive romance (they're having a baby, and he proposed after mere months) means that their road won't be easy to walk, but I'm guessing Jane will lean Team Rafael by the end of the episode. He is the father of her child, and nothing's more important to Jane than family.

Team Michael

Michael's stock has quickly soared over the past few episodes since Jane and Rafael's break-up, especially as she supported him at his awards ceremony and he supported her through a bump in the road with her fledgling writing career. In fact, "Chapter 21" even ended with the two of them carefully tip-toeing around the concept of maybe-possibly getting back together, "like old times." There's no denying the fact that their foundation is rock-solid, though the whole baby-daddy bond might prove difficult to beat.

Will Michael be able to establish himself as a frontrunner even as Jane gives birth to Rafael's child? Signs may point to no, but let's not give up hope yet, Michael!

Team Jane

OK, I'm a 'shipper to the bone, but even I have to admit that it's really all about Team Jane — and that's a real possibility as we hit the finale. Will Jane be that worried about rekindling things with either Michael or Rafael in the same episode in which she gives birth to her first child?

Of course, even if Jane doesn't "end up" with either love interest at the season's close, I'm banking on the fact that she'll at least establish a frontrunner who we can pin our hopes on as we wait out the long, summer hiatus. So who's it going to be, Jane?

Images: Greg Gayne, Danny Feld (2), Tyler Golden/The CW