Terrence J Asks Tori Kelly About Her Diet At The Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet & It's Totally Unnecessary

Normally I love me some Terrence J. He is not only one of the most adorable men to grace my television as an entertainment anchor for E!, but he also has an ease, great sense of humor, and friendly, fun rapport with the celebrities he interviews. Plus, he provides some great comic relief in the films he's acted in and provides entertaining commentary at the different events he covers as well. However, none of that was true at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards, when Terrence J truly disappointed me on the red carpet, as he asked singer Tori Kelly about her pre-awards diet. I don't know what he was thinking, but it lead to an unnecessary and downright awkward conversation.

Terrence is usually such a wonderfully grounded counterpart to his co-hosts and fellow correspondents, so this moment really took me by surprise. But the interview with Kelly made it seem like all of a sudden, Terrence had been teleported back to his first big interview ever and it was really a shame to watch. Even though Kelly is at the Billboard Music Awards to perform, Terrence chose to steer the conversation towards her beauty and health regimen, when her music really should've been the focus.

After speaking with Kelly a bit about her first album, Terrence immediately switched to talking about her diet of all things.

"You’ve been preparing physically for the tour. Are you eating differently? Because you’re in great shape obviously. How do you get ready for that?" he asked Kelly.

She responded with "Um, well, I do try to eat clean and work out and stuff. But I—" but Terrence then cut her off and asked her another awkward question, "What did you eat before today? Before you came here today?"

Kelly answered the question with as much grace and humor as possible about cheat days and exercise, but the whole thing was so weird and uncomfortable to watch. I can't understand Terrence's reasoning behind the line of questioning. I can only imagine that he thought maybe he could get a funny answer out of Kelly or just didn't know what else to ask the new artist. But there's truly no excuse, Kelly is a talented artist at the Billboard Music Awards to share that talent with millions of people — there was a huge pool of interesting questions for Terrence to choose from, but he pushed them all aside in favor of her eating habits. Bad move, Terrence. I doubt I'm the only fan you let down on Sunday night.

Images: thequeenbey/Tumblr