If Kaitlyn Is 'The Bachelorette' These Six Guys Will Be On The Chopping Block Immediately

Besides the fact that I think it’s totally messed up that there are two bachelorettes this season, it’s going to become pretty uncomfortable if some of the men wanted to be there for Britt, but end up trying to date Kaitlyn and vice versa. For argument's sake and my own personal hope, I've already started considering who will be sent home if Kaitlyn is the next Bachelorette. Sorry, Charlies. But I mean, it's not that insane to think there have got to be a few who really wanted to date Britt — clearly, those dudes won't be here for the right reasons.

ABC has already announced that The Bachelorette premiere is split between two nights: Monday will be an entire episode of rule 'splainin, limo introductions, and "can I just steal her for a minute?" moments. So I wouldn’t bet on a rose ceremony on the first of The Bachelorette. Tuesday night's episode, however, will include the Bachelorette victor reveal, and presumably the rose ceremony.

Because I'm a betting woman and I'd bet 30 red rose boutonnieres that Kaitlyn is picked, I'm also ready to predict who she'll send packing on that first night. After analyzing the men, I'm pretty sure that these six guys won’t be getting a rose.

Ryan M.

OK, this guy is already losing this thing. He's the one who bashes another guy’s entrance telling him that he sucks and that he’s clearly wasted the entire first night. Yeah, I think it’s fair to say that Kaitlyn will be sending this bully home.


This spoiler has been everywhere, and I don’t know to the extent of its truth, but Brady is supposedly currently dating Britt. He went on the show for her and then when the Bachelorette wasn’t her, he left. I mean, if it is true, good for her, but that means Kaitlyn either gets rid of him or he leaves on his own. Score one point for me!


So, his cupcake car limo intro may have been cute to a certain style of girl, somewhere out there, but I don’t think that girl is Kaitlyn. She seems like she would be into sarcastic humor — not really the cheesy pick-up line gimmicks. Just a thought.

Josh S.

I just don’t think that being a male stripper is going to work for Kaitlyn. She's a dance teacher and there can only be so much dancing in this relationship, OK?


After studying all the profiles and jobs and answers for this 2015 set, I'm fairly certain that Kaitlyn would not date a healer long term, if only because I feel like he’s probably more of the yoga-loving, vegan-type dude and Kaitlyn seems like she would be more into taking a bootcamp class and follow that up by eating a giant steak. They're (probably) just so different.


Throughout all of my research about this season, there is literally never a mention of a “Clint” anywhere, on any promo, in any spotlight. So it's probably a safe bet that he may not make it very far.

Sorry, dudes. That's just the way the cupcake crumbles.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC (7)