Is Zayn Malik At The Billboard Music Awards? That Could Make For An Awkward 1D Reunion

The boys of One Direction may already be hard at work at their next album, and bandmate Louis Tomlinson may be ready to move on past his Twitter feud with Zayn Malik, but Malik's departure from the band in March was really felt when One Direction made their first awards show appearance at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night without him. The boys were all set to present a statue at the awards presented by Ludacris and Chrissy Teigen but what about the previous bandmate? Was Zayn Malik at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards?

It doesn't look like Malik came to the Billboard Music Awards, which I think is most definitely the right move. Sure, it's been almost two months since Malik first made the announcement stating he would be leaving One Direction after five years with the boys, but it still has got to be at least a little raw that Malik's original reason for leaving didn't seem to be the real reason he wanted to leave. Sorry guys, as much as I love Malik, saying you want to leave to be a "normal 22 year old" and then releasing a single would make me feel a little heartbroken as a former bandmate. Plus, it's possible Malik is currently too busy working on new music to come to the event.

Then again, we don't know for sure where he is. He's been pretty quiet about a lot of things lately, including One Direction's Late Late Show appearance and the Billboard Music Awards. For all we know, he could be settled in somewhere with his fiancée Perrie Edwards, watching the boys hit the BBMAs and cheering them on. He could be in the studio with Naughty Boy working on another single. He could be taking a nap, completely unaware that the BBMAs are happening at all. It's his life to live, and attending award shows doesn't really fit into that life much anymore.

So, for now, let's enjoy 1D's appearance at the carpet and the awards show and just leave it at that. Four members are better than none, right?

Images: Getty Images; Rebloggy