16 Thumb Rings That Will Up Your Hand Jewelry Game

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While we've seen fashionable celebs rocking amazing hand jewelry on their midi and pointer fingers (see: Kylie Jenner's stackable rings), we shouldn't forget about thumb rings. Thumb rings can add a really unique look to your hand jewelry and be just the thing that's missing from your stackable ring look. Thankfully, it seems as though the thumb ring trend has picked up and it's easier than ever to include it in our accessories selection.

If you’re thinking about adding thumb rings to your style or have been wearing them for some time (as I do), than these are some of funkiest, most stylish, and amazing thumb rings to consider buying. Most are handmade, making them even more unique. Here are 16 thumb rings that will up your hand jewelry game immensely.

Image Credit: HiwireJewelry/Etsy

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