16 Thumb Rings That Will Up Your Hand Jewelry Game

While we've seen fashionable celebs rocking amazing hand jewelry on their midi and pointer fingers (see: Kylie Jenner's stackable rings), we shouldn't forget about thumb rings. Thumb rings can add a really unique look to your hand jewelry and be just the thing that's missing from your stackable ring look. Thankfully, it seems as though the thumb ring trend has picked up and it's easier than ever to include it in our accessories selection.

If you’re thinking about adding thumb rings to your style or have been wearing them for some time (as I do), than these are some of funkiest, most stylish, and amazing thumb rings to consider buying. Most are handmade, making them even more unique. Here are 16 thumb rings that will up your hand jewelry game immensely.

Image Credit: HiwireJewelry/Etsy

The Simple Ring

I’ll start off with the simplest thumb ring because, sometimes, a little goes a long way. To top it off, this thumb ring isn’t just a plain, gold band; it is hand-decorated to add just a little bit more flare.

Artsy Swirl Modern Design Thumb Ring, $16, Etsy.

The "V" Ring

This is still pretty simple thumb ring, but if you’re stacking a bunch of other rings on your fingers with a similar style, this is a great, handmade addition to bring the look together.

V ring, $25, Etsy.

The Linear Ring

Traditional bands can sometimes get boring, especially on a thumb. However, By Boe sells this linear-inspired ring, so you can still keep it simple and interesting at the same time!

Double Linear Ring R57, $35, by boe

The Shield Ring

Shield rings are usually worn on the other four fingers, but, as PMZ Designs from Etsy shows us, they can also be worn on the thumb and still look awesome!

Hammered Thumb Ring, $27, Etsy

The Symmetrical Ring

If you’ve moved beyond the traditional-style rings, you can now venture into more intricate thumb rings, like this filigree line ring. Be bold in your thumb statements.

Thumb ring sterling silver peacock ring, $65, Etsy.

The Spiral Ring

Rings don’t always have to be plain, especially when you wear them on your thumb! Elemental Soul’s spiral ring is a sweet gold-brass color with a touch of silver to keep your hand unique.

Wrap Ring, Thumb Ring, $23, Etsy

The Abstract Ring

Unlike the rest of our fingers, our thumbs are slightly awkward around the knuckle, making it hard to slide a ring on. Thankfully, this abstract ring can add a funky look to your accessories while also being easily adjustable to fit comfortably.

Adjustable handforged sterling silver curvy ball thumb ring, $40, Etsy.

The Feather Ring

This brass feather ring looks amazing wrapped around the thumb, while also looking antique. The “diamond” gem is a nice and subtle way of adding some sparkle to your jewelry.

Feather Ring, $30, Etsy.

The "Home" Ring

For wanderlusts, this ring is perfect for bringing a little of home with you. I chose Massachusetts because that’s where I’m from, but LetterToSarah has other places and also takes custom orders.

Massachusetts Heart Love Twist State Ring, $48, Etsy.

The Handwritten Ring

For an even more personal thumb ring, AshleeArtis can make a ring using your (or whoever you wish to use) signature/handwritten name.

Personalized Handwriting Ring, $26, Etsy.

The Stone Ring

There’s no way to make a thumb ring list without including a stone ring. Circular, oval, and teardrop shaped rings are great for thumbs because of the finger’s shape. They’re also just beautiful.

Tibetan Bohemian Turquoise White Stone Ring, $9, Etsy.

The Colorful Ring

Sometimes straying from the usual materials of rings — silver, gold, brass — is a great way of adding some color to your hands and accenting your nails at the same time! This ring is both colorful and metallic, letting your thumb stand out for once.

Blue Resin Ring with Copper Flakes, $36, Etsy.

The Animal Ring

What’s better than a cat ring? It is a cat hanging off your thumb everyday because, cats.

Black CZ Tail Cat Ring, $9, Etsy.

The Octopus Ring

Sure, it looks a little strange, but also really cool! If you’re into sea creatures or just interesting looking rings, this is a cool one to wear on your thumb. Even better is the fact that you can intertwine two of these rings, as the photo shows.

Octopus Tentacle Ring, $40, Etsy

The Thumb And Bracelet Ring

Two-in-one pieces of jewelry are great, especially when they are as delicate and simple as liliFunambule’s thumb ring and bracelet. It’s a unique take on the middle finger and bracelet idea.

Symbol and Sacred Triangle Brass Thumb Ring, $14, Etsy.

The Double Finger Ring

This is a straight-up awesome piece of jewelry for those super serious about rocking a thumb ring.

Nature Inspired Finger and Thumb Ring, $70, Etsy