Thanks to This, Tumblr's Gonna Explode

There are a few things that make the Internet go crazy: Cats doing hilarious things, pictures of corgis, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Robert Pattinson. In fact, Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Pattinson so loved by the masses on the web, that it's possible this news will break the Internet — or at least Tumblr. According to The Wrap, Robert Pattinson has joined Benedict Cumberbatch in Lost City of Z , which is based on the acclaimed book by David Grann.

According to the site, the film follows the character of Percy Fawcett, a British colonial who disappeared around 1925 "while searching for a mythical city in the Amazon jungles of Brazil that he believed he discovered on a prior expedition" — which, in other words, means he went crazy and died searching for something that never actually existed. The best part, though: Apparently, homeboy also had a majorly intense mustache, judging by his Wikipedia image. According to Indiewire , Cumberbatch will be starring as Fawcett — meaning we'll get to see him with that 'stache! — but it's not clear who Pattinson will be playing.

If all goes according to plan, the film should begin production in 2014, which means you can expect a the Tumblr fangirl freakouts to start soon. Maybe even some fanfiction, because when it comes to Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Pattinson, there never seems to be a shortage of that floating around the Internet.