Is Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" About Selena Gomez? The On & Off BFFs Raise Questions In The New Music Video

The moment everyone's been waiting for has arrived: the premiere of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video which premiered at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. And the action-packed futuristic video was just as star-studded as expected, featuring guest appearances from stars like Ellie Goulding, Lena Dunham, Jessica Alba, Hailee Steinfeld, and Kendrick Lamar. One star stood out in particular: Swift's on-an-off BFF Selena Gomez was featured prominently in the music video, which has to make me wonder: Is "Bad Blood" about Selena Gomez?

News about Gomez's appearance in the video was announced on Saturday, one day before the video was set to debut at the Billboard Music Awards. Not only that, but Tay-Tay tweeted that Gomez would be the video's lead actress. And this is for a song called "Bad Blood," with lyrics like, "Now we got problems / And I don't think we can solve them / You made a really deep cut / And, baby, now we got bad blood." Hmm. Could that mean something? Let's try to put the pieces together.

If you didn't know, the two BFFs reportedly went through a rough patch last year because Gomez got back together with Justin Bieber — and Swift allegedly didn't approve, according to various sources. In fact, they'd reportedly gone through tough times before this, also because of Bieber. During these rough patches, the two women stopped hanging out and mentioning each other on social media as much as they used to. And, as we all know, Swift is known for addressing her public personal issues in song (ahem, her relationships with John Mayer and Harry Styles), so it wouldn't be that surprising that Swift would incorporate her rift with Gomez in a new tune.

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But hey, everything seems to be better now — right? Gomez played the lead role in the video and the ladies battled it out. "Bad Blood" has lyrics about betrayed trust, scars, being stabbed in the back, and rubbing salt into wounds. Ouch. If this track is indeed about their brief feud, perhaps there was more to it than just Biebs.

Or I could be totally off base and the song is about Katy Perry like everyone thought before the video came out. Swift did say in an interview with Rolling Stone, that the song is about a fellow singer who she used to be friends with and who took some of her backup dancers, and Perry fits that description. Still, the video definitely raises some questions, so it'd be no surprise if fans are wondering what exactly is going on.

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