When Does '2 Broke Girls' Season 5 Premiere? 7 Kat Dennings Projects To Get You Through The Long Summer Hiatus

It's official, you guys, we are leaving the prime TV-watching months and headed solidly into the summer hiatus. It's time for cliffhangers, tearful goodbyes, and preparation for a few sad, desolate months with no new episodes of our favorite series. This week marks the end of the hit CBS show 2 Broke Girls (along with too many other shows to list, this week is go-time for serious TV watcher). As sad as it is to say goodbye, it’s really only temporary since CBS has already announced that 2 Broke Girls will return for Season 5. While there is no official premiere date, judging by the network's fall schedule and the last few years of premiere dates, it will most likely begin airing new episodes this September. I know, that is basically forever from now. Update: 2 Broke Girls Season 5 will premiere on Nov. 12, as reported by Deadline.

Worried about what to do with your life now that Max and Caroline are off the air for a few months? Fret not, there's still no need to go outside just yet — there are plenty of TV shows and movies to marathon in the meantime. For your viewing pleasure, I've found the best Kat Dennings projects to watch during the break, so that you can get your sarcastic-Max fix until she is back in action.

2 Broke Girls Reruns

A little on the nose, but what better way to prepare for Season 5 of the show then crunching Seasons 1 - 4? Think of all the baked goods-related humor you could have missed the first time around!

Charlie Bartlett

The most darling of indie-movies. It has Dennings as the love interest to Anton Yelchin's titular Charlie, and they are both at their twee best. Bonus points? Robert Downey Jr. looking great in a suit as the school principle. It's a must watch.


Hopefully you don't have superhero fatigue quite yet, because both Thor movies feature Dennings rocking the smart, wry sidekick part. Watch them back to back, or spread out between all the other Marvel movies — you really cannot lose.

Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

Remember mix tapes? How you would listen to the radio for hours trying to record the perfect songs at the right time? (Yeah, I'm old.) This movie perfectly captures that restless, growing up nostalgia packed in a hyper-aware high school setting. Watch and then immediately dig out all your old tapes and hunt down a tape player.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

This was the first thing I had seen Dennings in and I remember thinking: this girl is hilarious. It's hard to upstage Steve Carell but she manages just fine. Pairs excellent with Knocked Up (no Dennings, but still a good flick).

To Write Love On Her Arms

If you're in the mood for something more serious (drugs, depression, family issues) this movie has a solid message behind it.

The Newsroom

She's only in one episode, but Dennings kills as Blair Lansing, sister to Reese Lansing (played by Chris Messina). It's fun to watch and pretend that there is a world where Max is actually Danny Castellano's brash sister.

The House Bunny

This one wasn't a huge hit but had the all star cast of Anna Faris, Emma Stone, and Dennings. Obviously it's hilarious and silly, perfect for your next girls night in.

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