The 2015 Double Bachelorette Rules Are Actually Simpler Than You'd Think

"It's like nothing you've ever seen on The Bachelorette before." These are the words that Chris Harrison has said at the beginning of the past 10 seasons of The Bachelorette, and as a longtime fan, these are the words that I will remember until the day I die. But this time, when Harrison undoubtedly utters the phrase during Monday's Bachelorette premiere — it will actually be true. For the first time ever, ABC is giving us two Bachelorettes. So, how exactly will a double Bachelorette work? As dramatic as it may seem, it's pretty simple in operation.

If you are anything like me, even thinking about the concept is enough to get you miffed. Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe are being pitted against each other so that men can choose which one of them they like better — again? (Didn't they just have to compete against each other on The Bachelor?) But before we get all judgey (even though it's hard not to), we should give ABC a chance. There's always the chance that, after 10 seasons of the hit show, the network knows what it's doing, and that this season will actually turn out way better than I'm predicting it will.

Besides, ABC actually did manage to pull something similar off on The Bachelor in Season 6, where the women had to choose between Byron Velvick and Jay Overbye. They took a vote on night one to figure out who'd be the Bachelor, and that was that. Based on everything that's been released about the double Bachelorette season so far, it sounds like that's exactly what's going on here, too.

According to TV Guide, both Kaitlyn and Britt will meet all the guys at limo arrivals as usual. Then, after meeting the women, said guys will vote to choose which women stays as the Bachelorette and who goes home. From there it will be Bachelorette business as usual: Group dates, one-on-ones, hometowns — you know the drill. It's a bummer that we can't keep both of them all season long, but it'd be pretty impractical to fit that many contrived picnic dates into just two hours every week.

But, the worst news of all? In the same TV Guide article, Chris Harrison admitted that it won't actually be revealed which Bachelorette won the vote until Tuesday night's episode.

So, if you're already eager to find out what happens, Monday won't be the end of that waiting. (Why does there always have to be a cliffhanger with these people?!) Now that we know exactly how long we have to wait to finally find out who our one true Bachelorette is, here's hoping that Tuesday's big reveal doesn't end up making the woman who doesn't win feel like she's less than the other one. They've been pitted against each other enough at this point, don't you think?

And, no matter what happens, always remember:

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC, Giphy, Bachelorabc (2)/Tumblr