Your First Look At 'The Bachelorette' Is Here

We're just a little over a month away from The Bachelorette Season 11 premiere, and now ABC has released the first double Bachelorette poster to help with the wait. The show officially airs on May 18, but fortunately we don't have to wait that long to see Britt and Kaitlyn in action. Decked out in fancy gowns, the two ladies are standing in a candlelit Bachelorette mansion awaiting the showdown between the two of them.

Although ABC hasn't confirmed quite how this season will operate, it's widely believed that on night one the men will choose between the women for the one they want to crown the official Bachelorette. They did a similar thing back in Season 6 of The Bachelor. I still haven't gotten over what a disaster this idea is for the women. Pitting them against one another and putting the men in charge is frankly disgusting. (And former contestant Catherine Giudici Lowe agrees with me.)

But with a premiere date set, there's really no stopping Season 11 from happening this way. So, since the producers are refusing to hint at how the show will work and whether the "loser" will be sent home night one or stick around in some capacity, I've decided to overanalyze the poster for clues on how double Bachelorette will work. Here's what I've come up with.

It's Going to Be a Showdown Between the Women

Notice how they're standing on opposite ends of the poster? This appears to be a strategy to show that the ladies aren't close, so we won't feel bad when one goes home. (I hope Britt and Kaitlyn go all Hunger Games on ABC and team up so that the show has no choice but to allow two victors.)

They Seem to Be Trying to Make Britt Look Contrite

Gone is her bold, red lipstick and confident demeanor. Her head is slightly bowed and her arms are held in such a way that it's like the stylists wanted her to look less intimidating. Can't have Britt scaring all the men off with her ability to stand up for herself, now can we?

But Kaitlyn Gets to Have a Confident Pose

One hand on her hip, Kaitlyn looks ready to tackle The Bachelorette challenges. Gee, I wonder who ABC wants to win? *Sarcasm*

Britt Also Looks Unrecognizeable

She looks more pageant queen in the poster than the down-to-earth girl we met on the show. I feel like the stylists are subtly sabotaging her and I don't like it.

The Difference a Dress Makes

Britt's teal prom dress is just bad. Compared to the shimmering gown Kaitlyn got to wear, Britt is at a disadvantage here. I don't know if they were trying to make Britt seem extra girly or extra sweet or what, but it's just an odd outfit choice. Also Kaitlyn is wearing a very Andi Dorfman-style glittering gown which is just reinforcing ABC's seeming bias that Kaitlyn is Bachelorette material and Britt is not.

Obviously I'm going to the extreme here, but I think it's clear that the show is trying to paint a divide between the ladies in everything from posture to style to physical distance. Let's hope the actual show treats them better than this poster does.

Images: ABC (5); imgflip; thehermitofsidleypark/Tumblr; giphy