Katy Perry + Kittens = Wonderful

New York City based singer-songwriter Kate Davis performed a cover of Katy Perry's "Roar." Not all that uncommon a thing to do, considering the tune's prominence in the world of pop music. It's everywhere. But! Not every other cover has the singer performing said song for kittens. Well, now isn't this is just about the cutest damned thing I've ever seen? (That question's rhetorical, natch.)

Hey, Internet: prepare to have your face torn off by adorability, because this shit's at Defcon Seven. And that's why you should consider this video to be your favorite Internet video of the day.

That's right: some of the Internet's favorite things have all joined forces — YouTube videos, cover songs, Katy Perry, kittens — to bring you this breezy, playful romparound, all in honor of bringing awareness to the adorable and adoptable bundles of presh that are just hanging around the Humane Society of New York (or any Humane Society across the country, for that matter). Look at all those faces! All these teeny tiny balls of fluff and whisker, just waiting for you to bring them home! They want nothing more than to smother you with cuteness! Imagine all the Instagram photos and Vines you could take of them doing silly head-tilts, pawing at string, or whatever other random things that make cat owners squawk and squeal.

I mean, come ON! Look! At one point the guitarist even plays with a teeny widdle baby on his guitar and oh my god I'm speaking in baby talk MAKE IT STOP IT'S JUST TOO MUCH:

Needless to say, these kittens look downright empowered, and I feel downright exhausted from exploding over cuteness.