7 Low Maintenance Haircuts, Colors & Styles

Random fact about me: I have to change up my hairstyle every three months, at the very least. Plenty of celebs understand my chameleon-ways (see: Kim K and Hilary Duff), but unlike them, I don't have the budget to keep changing hairstyles as frequently. As a result, I've learned to find the best low maintenance haircuts, colors, and styles that work best for my heart and wallet. From experience, I can happily say that switching up your hairdo doesn't always have to be costly. Yes, it's true. You don't have to go to an upscale salon to get a hairstyle that satisfies your haircare needs.

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Take it from me. Whether it's getting long layers or dying my hair red, I've managed to find the ways to change up my style without blowing my savings. While you shouldn't skimp on haircare, I definitely understand that saving money is a huge factor to consider when changing up your hairstyle. The key? Finding cuts and colors that don't require you to head to the salon every two weeks and that can be maintained at home.

Here are 7 budget-friendly hairstyles that are stylish and affordable:

1. Layers


The next time you get a trim, consider getting layers. They can add volume and texture to your hair and look great as you grow them out.

2. Blunt Cuts


This kind of cut is great for all seasons and styles, and is totally affordable as well. Blunt cuts are classy and timeless and just like layers, look great as you grow it out.

3. Side Bangs


If you're into experimenting with your hair, cutting your own side bangs can actually have a really great payoff. When I was in high school, I would trim my own bangs and push them to the side. Rather than maintaining full on straight bangs, you can easily trim side bangs if needed. Pro tip: Start long and trim little by little.

4. One Color Dye Job

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I know, I know — fancy ombrés and mermaid hair are totally fun and trendy, but nothing beats a classic one-toned hair color. After recently dying my hair all black, I quickly realized how much I missed having one color all over that was bold and simple. Dying your hair doesn't require a trip to the salon either — all you have to do is pick up a box of hair dye at the drugstore and you're all set!

5. DIY Sun-Kissed Highlights

If you're looking to lighten your hair just a bit for summer, consider DIY-ing. With a bottle of Sun-In and some sun, you can add a light tint to brighten up your 'do while you're laying out by the pool. (Sun-In Hair Lightener Lemon, Walgreens, $4.79)

6. Hair Clip Extensions

This might not sound most appealing, but adding hair clips of different colors can be a fun, inexpensive, and temporary way to add a little spunk to your hairdo. Shop around for good hair clip extensions that you can insert to add a little color and character to your tresses. It's perfect if you've been wanting to try this year's hot pastel hair color trend, but don't want to fully commit to all-over pink or purple color. (Sassy Colors Human Hair Extensions Hot Pink, Sally Beauty, $19.99)

7. Ombré

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Getting an ombre might be costly at first, but the beauty about the hairstyle is that it looks better as you grow it out, especially if you ask for more natural-looking highlights that blend in with your roots. I've let my ombre grow out over two or three months without going back to the salon and it looked great to the very end!

Images: Fotolia; Walgreens; Sally Beauty; Getty (5)