Ranking The Songs From 'Pitch Perfect 2', Because The Soundtrack Is Aca-Awesome

Just like we suspected, the songs from Pitch Perfect 2 were just that — perfect! At first, I thought nothing could top the hits from the first movie, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I went to go see the movie this past weekend, and, I'm gonna be honest, I started playing the soundtrack on Spotify the moment I walked out of the theater. It's just so catchy! Not only does this soundtrack feature tons of new artists (including Das Sound Machine and The Sing-Off groups, Pentatonix and The Filharmonic) it also includes an original song, "Flashlight" by Jessie J (and written by singer-songwriter Sia none-the-less).

Although it's sonically different, the buzz "Flashlight" has created has people deeming it the new "Cups" song and I couldn't agree more. Aside from Jessie J's new hit, the whole soundtrack is worth giving a listen to. But, I must warn you, once you start listening, you may not be able to stop. From a brand new riff-off to a heartfelt version of "Cups," this soundtrack features everything we loved about the first movie while adding a new twist.

Since there are literally no "bad" songs in the movie, let's just call this call this ranking the aca-amazing songs from the movie in the order you should listen to them.

"World Championship Finale 2" — The Barden Bellas

Not gonna lie, I teared up a bit for this performance. Not only was mashup incredible, but it also had a sweet twist at the end (but I won't give it away for people who haven't seen the movie yet).

"Cups (When I'm Gone) [Campfire Version]" — The Barden Bellas

This song gave me all the feels, not just because of how beautiful the girls’ harmony was, but because of how perfectly it summed up graduating and moving on. I was not ready for this.

"World Championship Finale 1" — Das Sound Machine

All I have to say is that whoever thought to mashup "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" and "All I Do Is Win" is a musical genius! Das Sound Machine played the Bellas' competition for a reason — they're amazing.

"Crazy Youngsters" — Ester Dean

I honestly think that this is going to be the hit of the summer (or at least it should be). Dean kills the vocals in this tune.

"Flashlight" — Jessie J

Although it's not a Bella singing the song, Jessie J is the next best thing. Again, this song is so catchy!

"Kennedy Center Performance" — The Barden Bellas

As the first song of the movie, this song picks up right where we left off with a classic Barden Bellas mashup.

"Riff Off" — Das Sound Machine, Tone Hangers, The Barden Bellas, Green Bay Packers & The Treblemakers

Everything from Country Songs to songs by John Mayer's exes made this mashup (pitch) perfect.

"Any Way You Want It (World Championship Medley)" — Pentatonix, The Filharmonic, The Castasticos, The Singboks & Penn Masala

Not only did this feature some of our favorite a cappella groups, but it was also really interesting how they threw in different cultures throughout.

"Lollipop" — The Treblemakers

I just love Mika in general, so I was really excited about this performance in the movie. And the Treblemakers' vests and Converses didn't hurt either.

"Convention Performance" — The Barden Bellas

This is one of those hits where you know you shouldn't love it, but you can't stop listening.

"Car Show" — Das Sound Machine

This is the first view we get of the Bellas' rival group, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. And I just have to point out that 80Fitz's beat boxing here is killer.

"Back to Basics" — The Barden Bellas

Not only do we get Anna Camp back on this track, we also get a taste of our favorite old school hits as the Bellas try to rediscover their sound.

"Jump" — Das Sound Machine, Tone Hangers, The Treblemakers & Green Bay Packers

This song is amazing to begin with, but it is even better with YouTube star Flula Borg's rapping skills.

"We Belong" — Rebel Wilson & Adam DeVine

I loved this surprise romance in the movie, so this duet was pretty cute.

"Winter Wonderland / Here Comes Santa Claus" — Snoop Dogg & Anna Kendrick

Beca brings her DJ skills to the table as she remixes Snoop's Christmas album like we've never heard before. This song has me wondering though, will Pitch Perfect actually make a Christmas album?

"All of Me (Bumper's Audition)" — Adam DeVine

Stick around for the credits to get Bumper's special audition song for The Voice. And I mean, who doesn't love Adam DeVine, right?

Image: Universal Pictures