Channel Cherie & Joan In Rock Chick Fashion

If you have yet to watch the 2010 film The Runaways, I suggest you run to your nearest DVD store (if it still exists) or click to your preferred digital download store ASAP. Not only is this a gripping, edge of your seat ride portraying the history of the rise and fall of 1970s girl band The Runaways, but it also showcases the awesome rock chick fashion The Runaways were famous for.

Starring The Twilight Saga stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, the movie follows Joan Jett and Cherie Currie in their time spent making and breaking The Runaways. The movie reflects the '70s era, showcasing glam rock, a ton of drug use, and, of course, mullets. Plus, the women do their own singing, which is a breath of fresh air in our post Millennium lip-syncing world. There's also sexual experimentation, girls seriously rocking out, and Dakota Fanning channeling David Bowie. Can I get some praise hands emojis, guys?

The women play Cherie and Joan convincingly and every wardrobe detail has been meticulously recreated to keep the film authentic, from Joan Jett's red catsuit to that Cherie Currie corset. The Runaways had their own signature style, which was a mashup of punk, glam rock, and '70s suburban teen. Here's how to channel their laid back, effortlessly cool 1970s style.

Cherie Currie

The Runaways movie features Dakota Fanning as you've never seen her before. As Cherie Currie, Dakota sings, struts, and shocks in purposefully kitsch attire. Here she is pictured in a classic, glam rock outfit complete with a David Bowie lightening stripe.

Sequin Bomber Jacket, $64,

Keep it authentic in the epitome of glam rock: a sequined bomber jacket. Copy Cherie's style in this metallic, gold shade to really ramp up the glitz.

Amerie High Shine High Waisted Disco Pants, $14,

These almost identical burgundy disco pants are a style steal at just $14! You'll feel able to conquer the world just like Cherie, once you get a pair of these shiny pants on your pins.

Neckerchief — Animal-Print — Black & White, $32,

Although not a diamond print, this monochrome animal print neckerchief has awesome Cherie vibes and gives a knowing fashion nod to the explosion of animal print in the 1970s.

Seen here in her everyday clothes, Cherie is pictured in an awesome, retro David Bowie tee and a simple star necklace. The Runaways were often seen in stereotypical teen girl clothes — like band tees — when they weren't performing. They were teenagers after all!

Ladies Charcoal David Bowie 1974 Tour T-Shirt, $31,

This tee is for all the true Bowie fans out there. Pair with flared jeans to really rock a '70s vibe.

Star Necklace, $32,

Channel Cherie in this simple yet classic star necklace. Show the world you're going to make it big in this super cute pendant.

Cherie shows that a flared, embellished, denim jumpsuit is a must for any aspiring teen rock goddess. It's easy to move around in and high kick debris thrown your way by miscreant youths; stylish and functional!

Cutout-Back Denim Jumpsuit, $33,

This spaghetti-strapped denim jumpsuit has saucy, cutout detailing on the back. Plus, it also benefits from adjustable straps, which you can remove to make a sassy, strapless neckline.

Joan Jett

Joan Jett is an absolute rock legend. She was the punk to Cherie's pretty in The Runaways and this outfit exudes punk rock cool. Comprised of a stripy tee, leather pants, and an edgy safety pin necklace, this outfit screams Joan Jett.

Daria Stripe Jersey Top, $25,

Choose a horizontal striped tee like this black and white plus-size top. Its jagged sharkbite hem gives it a true punk feel; perfect for any Joan Jett wannabes.

Tripp Black PU Lace-Up Pants Plus Size, $87,

These PU pants would totally make this Joan Jett look. With their lace-up legs, they give off strong glam rock vibes while also staying subtly sexy.

Safety Pins Necklace, $16,

This safety pin necklace is the finishing touch to this Joan Jett outfit. It is the cherry (bomb) on the cake and adds an unadulterated punk element to the equation.

In one of her most memorable outfits, Joan is seen here in a classic catsuit. Looking a little like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill but flaunting red instead of yellow, Kristen Stewart knows how to rock a skin-tight catsuit.

Harley Quinn Catsuit, approx. $96,

Although this catsuit is based on the garment that the notorious Batman villainess Harley Quinn wears, it couldn't be more perfect for Joan to wear. With its psychedelic '70s style pattern and its red and black color scheme, it is fabulously glam rock.

Pick your favorite leading lady and get your glam on in The Runaways-inspired clothing. Don't forget your face paint for a Ziggy Stardust makeover!

Images: Giphy; John Linson; Art Linson; Bill Pohlad; Courtesy Brands