9 Times Lea Michele & Matthew Paetz Were The Cutest, Most Supportive Couple Around — PHOTOS

Lea Michele went through a nightmare when her boyfriend and Glee co-star, Cory Monteith, tragically died of drug overdose in the summer of 2013. It was shocking news that touched many people in the entertainment world, but Michele was especially affected, as she spent many years on set with Monteith, as friends before they became lovers. On May 11 of this year, Michele posted a beautiful tribute in honor of what would have been Monteith's 33rd birthday and she has certainly been able to move on and find happiness in both her career and love life since then. Lea Michele is now dating Matthew Paetz and she recently posted a sweet message to her boyfriend thanking him for "bringing such a bright joy" into her life. Aww.

In fact, this couple had shared some very cute moments on social media since they began dating nearly a year ago. Last summer, news of Michele's newest beau started spreading. After Michele met Paetz on the set of her video for "On My Way," there were claims that Paetz was a gigolo, and in addition to this, Michele got received some backlash from fans for dating "so quickly" after Monteith's death. But any true fan of Michele's sees now that her boyfriend has been a positive influence on her life.

Here is a roundup of some of Michele and Paetz's cutest moments. Sounds like this couple is going to be around for a while and I are happy to see her so happy after such a tough couple of years.

When They Got Tattooes Together

They didn't exactly get couple's tattoos, but went to support each other when they got tattooed. I think this will bode better for them in the long run.

When Her Adorable Kitty Loved

I also have a tortoiseshell cat and they can be a little finicky, so seeing her kitty, Sheila, snuggling on Paetz can only mean very good things.

When They Took This Valentine's Day Photo

Just canoodling with my boo...

When They Acted Like Kids At Disney World

Because it is real when you can run around with wet hair and wear a hideous ponchd and still have the time of your lives.

When They Looked At Each Other Like This

Ahh, the beginnings of relationships are just so sweet aren't they? So full of promise.

When She Took A Silhouette Instagram Photo

This was the first photo she posted of Paetz and it included a super sweet quote for him in her caption.

When They Snuggled With Her Kitty Again

Sorry, this cat is just so sweet and they are all just adorable.

When She Celebrated The One Year Anniversary Of Her Music Video

Which marked a year since the two met on set and fell in love.

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