11 Times Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Was A Classic Britney Spears Music Video — VIDEO

If you weren't watching the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night, you likely missed out on the best part of the show — that is, the reveal of Taylor Swift's music video for "Bad Blood." After weeks of promos, fans were able to see the final product of Swift's hard work, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The video took us on an emotional roller coaster, especially when Swift's real life bestie Selena Gomez played Arsyn, a partner-in-crime-gone-bad (bad blood that is).

Living up to the hashtag #squadgoals, the video featured a skew of celebrity cameos from Zendaya to Lena Dunham. And one of the best parts was Swift's much wanted collaboration with none other than Kendrick Lamar. All true Swifties know that the two have been fangirling over each other's music for a while now, so the fact that it was this music video that finally brought them together as music partners makes it even that much more iconic.

With its action movie feel and iconic rap remix, "Bad Blood" was unlike anything we've ever seen — at least from Taylor Swift. Not only did the video have some recognizable movie references throughout, I couldn't help but get some major Britney Spears vibes during the whole thing. You know what I'm talking about: the golden era of Spears' music videos. Let's take a look at the similarities.

Landscape of the City

Seriously, if you didn't know, you would think you were getting ready to watch the same music video.

Reflection of Singer in the Mirror

I almost missed this one at first because it goes by so fast, but this was definitely a classic Spears move.

Falling/Flying Out of Windows

So Swift was pushed and Spears jumped, but it's still pretty similar.

Title Card at the Beginning

With a title, each singer made the music video feel a lot more like a trailer for a movie.

Awkward Lying Down

I mean, they're almost making the exact same pose here.

Also, White Leather Two Pieces

They look so uncomfortable, but you secretly love them.

Driving Cool Cars

I was obsessed with Spears' pink hummer in the "Do Something" music video. Flash forward to Swift's see-through car.

Riding Motorcycles

Only difference is that Swift remembers to wear a safety helmet. Come on, Spears!

Walking Through Tunnels

So spy movie material here, but I love it.

The Fiery Red Hair

Don't get Swift mad; she will turn into Britney Spears and destroy you.

Rolling In With Your Girls

Before Swift's Squad, Spears had a pack of her own. Yay, girl power!

Check out Swift's music video again below.

Images: Big Machine Records (11); Britney Television (11)