This 'One Tree Hill' Reunion Will Make You Wonder Why Nathan & Jake Didn't Have More Scenes Together — PHOTO

You know it's going to be a great Monday when you get to bask in the gloriousness that is a One Tree Hill reunion. On Saturday, Bryan Greenberg shared a OTH reunion photo with James Lafferty and Mark Schwahn. For those who don't have the best of memories or just completely forgot, Greenberg played Jake Jagielski and Lafferty played Nathan Scott on OTH, while Schwahn will forever be known as the creator of the hit series. Well, these three men who changed the lives of many fans reunited at the Olevolos Project Brunch in New York City.

The project hits close to home for Greenberg, as his cousin founded the organization. As he told AM New York,

My cousin started this charity called The Olevolos Project, which sponsors children in Tanzania. We have about twenty kids go to school. We give them clothes, food, shelter, and an education. It’s a long-term investment and we want to keep these kids from grade school all the way up through vocation school or college. We hand delivered laptops for them. This is the fourth year we’re doing this charity event and it’s a really fun party. The kids’ education wouldn’t be possible without this fundraiser.

That's pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself. Also, it's great to see Greenberg's former boss and co-star support a charity that means a lot to the actor.

With that said, anyone else wondering why Nathan and Jake didn't have more scenes together? If I recall correctly, the two crossed paths every now and again, especially since both characters played basketball and had a relationship with Peyton Sawyer. I feel like Lafferty and Greenberg would have been great together. Imagine this: Nathan could have danced, while Jake belted out some tunes with his guitar. Better yet, the two could have had some amazing playdates with their kids. Perfection.

Images: lafferti, otreehilldaily/Tumblr