Dad Breaks Trampoline With All His Kids On It, Proving There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Fun — VIDEO

It's pretty surprising to learn firsthand that parents don't invent rules solely as a creative punishment for living. Among the most dangerous activities adults lord over their kids is trampolines. Guys, those things are spring-loaded booby traps and we should be afraid. As such, adults who don't subscribe to perpetuating this fear are bound to suffer at the hands of parental fate (one of the scariest, most mirthless fates of all). For example, this dad who broke a trampoline by trying be a Cool Dad and jumping on it chill all, "Haha! I'm on a trampoline! Like a child!" before cartoonishly ripping it open.

Seriously, guys: Trampolines are dangerous. My parents never bought me and my sister one (because they "loved us"), but our neighbor had a trampoline we used all the time. One especially hot Florida afternoon, said neighbor and I hatched the brilliant plan to lube up the black surface with dish soap. We positioned a sprinkler just so to whip into the trampoline and create huge bubble clouds. Then we jumped all over it. Unsurprisingly, it was a very bad idea that ended with me landing multiple times (I never said I was a particularly bright child) on my side or knees or head on the ground, occasionally in dog droppings. (The last time, only...I mean, I still had limits, even as a somewhat dim kid).

A billion people on a trampoline raises another set of concerns and safety hazards to consider. Namely, running into each other. Secondly, there's gotta be some sort of weight capacity—one that surely approaches faster when bigger, heavier people are jumping along also. So when the adult joins the kiddos on the trampoline, it's clearly only a matter of time.

Everything looks 100 percent fun and great and—oh hey. The point of view is from way above the bouncing baby people which makes it seem safe to assume a much taller, much heavier person is on there, too. Yet, as the adult presumably calling the shots and presumably, mostly smart, the kids seem unconcerned.

Then he gets cocky. And if history taught us nothing else, we at least know pride is usually punished. So punished he was:

Right, so...thanks for ruining summer, camera dude/DAD. You can watch the whole tragic affair ("lesson learned") in full below:

Y'all: trampolines are seductive traps. Don't believe me? Please, equip yourselves with knowledge and stick with trampoline boots only for all future bouncing endeavors:

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