Comparing Stephanie's Best Friend Gia & D.J.'s BFF Kimmy, Because Each 'Full House' Pal Had Their Own Issues

Full House was basically an eight season long lesson in friendship, so it's not surprising that we spent a great deal of time on the Tanner girls' friendships — particularly the ones of older siblings Stephanie and D.J. D.J.'s best friend Kimmy was around the Tanner household starting with the third episode of the series, and became such a fan favorite (if also a nuisance for the rest of the family) that Kimmy will now star on the Full House spinoff for Netflix.

Stephanie's most memorable best friend, Gia, didn't appear on the show until well later in the series, during Season 7 and Season 8. Unlike Kimmy, who was goofy, but generally harmless, Gia was more than a bit of a troublemaker, inviting Steph to make out parties with boys, talking back to teachers, and even smoking in the girls' room. But, while these two girls were very different, they did share one thing — their friendship with an ever-awesome Tanner girl.

It makes sense that D.J. and Stephanie were attracted to different types of BFF — after all, D.J. and Stephanie were pretty different people. But were Gia and Kimmy all that different? This Venn diagram sheds some light on what they share:

Image: ABC; Dawn Foster/Bustle