9 Ways Joan Harris Will Rule As CEO Of Her Own Company After 'Mad Men'

After seven years on the air and in our hearts, AMC's Mad Men aired their season finale Sunday night. Since 2007, we have been captivated by the characters who lived and loved during a pivotal moment in our country's history. Through them, we saw the assassinations of our nations leaders. We experienced the first moon landing, the Civil Rights Movement, and the beginning of the Women's movement. Though the series centered around Jon Hamm's Don Draper, it was the women in the series that helped it thrive and drove it forward. It was the women of Men that took charge of their lives and defined their own destinies. Joan Harris, along with Peggy Olsen and Betty Francis, were a part of an era of women who helped reshape a generation.

Embodied by the sensational Christina Hendricks, we watched as Joan asserted herself for equal rights and independence in her work environment. She was a pioneer for body-positivity and women's sexuality before there was even a movement for them. More than anything we were riveted when she denounced happily ever afters for what they really are: fairytales. Over the span of seven years (a decade in Mad Men time), Joan Harris rose from secretary to company partner. During the final season, we saw Joan struggle as everything she had worked for slowly began to slip out of her grasp. Though the men at Sterling Cooper Draper Price had come around to the idea of her as their equal, the men at McCann Erickson assumed that Joan was their plaything.

Instead of yielding to their misogynist and humiliating demands, Joan strikes out on her own. Though she loses her love-interest in the process, Joan becomes a producer founding her own company, Holloway Harris, using her maiden and married names. Here are nine ways Joan Harris will rule as CEO.

1. She Will Always Be Honest About Her Desires

Joan was not a meek and mild woman. Though men often tried to objectify her because of they way she looked, she never allowed that to stop her from voicing her opinions —which were often sassy and spot on.

2. She Will Always Have A Word of Advice

Peggy's unprecedented rise from secretary to Chief Copywriter inspired Joan. However, it was Joan who taught Peggy about life, work, and men in general.

3. She'll Always Make Time for Happy Hour

Fellas aren't the only ones who can throw back a few drinks

4. She Will Always Acknowledge A Job Well- Done

Joan's work was hardly ever praised, which is why she knew first-hand how it felt to be taken for granted. Therefore, if someone went above and beyond, she would be the first to acknowledge their accomplishments.

5. She'll Always Have A Witty Response to Sexist Comments

Out of all of the women on Mad Men, Joan faced some of the most overt sexism and sexual harassment. Despite the time period, she always had a quick retort to let her aggressor know he was out of line.

6. Instead of Crying, She Will Get Angry

We all know that Joan didn't allow any crying in the break room. There were plenty of times throughout the series when Joan could have succumbed to tears. Instead, she often chose to be pissed. After all, men are allowed to get mad whenever they want.

7. She'll Always Know Invaluable She Is

SCDP would never have existed had it not been for Joan. She realized her value and forced the men surrounding her to do so as well.

8. Men Would Fear Her

The men of SCDP knew not to cross Joan, and, though she doesn't get everything she deserves from McCann Erickson, she certainly doesn't leave empty handed.

9. Her Company Would Have Fabulous Holiday Parties

Joan was revolutionary because she didn't co-sign on the idea of the traditional "American Dream." She worked diligently, and she also knew when to let loose and have fun.

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