Jakub Pavlovsky's Book's Calling Instagram Project Gives Us An Excuse To Read Literally Anywhere

Remember back in grade school when you had DEAR time — when you would Drop Everything And Read? As adults, we don't generally have time carved out of each day to specifically read for pleasure. Often we find ourselves reading as we head to work on the subway, listening to audiobooks as we do the dishes, and maybe catching some time under the covers to read before bed, though we can't make it all that long before we pass out exhausted. Jakub Pavlovsky's Instagram project Book's Calling aims to change that.

Pavlovsky, the creator of Book's Calling, hopes to promote reading with his motto "take time to read, anywhere, anytime." And he means that literally. His Instagram is splashed with pictures of Jakub sitting cross-legged and reading a book on a sidewalk in the middle of heavy foot traffic, plopped down in the middle of stores, and making a reading space on the floor of the train. He shoots the photos in his hometown of Prague and the surrounding areas.

On his website, Pavlovsky says (translated from his native Czech) that he hopes people see him sitting in beautiful places and get inspired to open up a book when they get home, or to visit a library and check out something to read the next time they pass one. Earlier this year, Pavlovsky worked to donate 300 books to local retirement communities.

Check out these incredible photos of Pavlovsky literally having adult DEAR time.

(Would he get away with this in New York City, you think?)

Prague should probably get him to do its travel brochures.

The guard in the back is a boss at his job, but he does not want to be in this photo.

Takes reading on the subway to a whole other level.

LOL to the stink face.

Gods forbid he do this at Trader Joe's around 7 on a weekday.

If books were waterproof I'd never leave the shower.

If you want to join in the fun, use the hashtag #bookscalling and show off the weirdest place you drop everything and read.