Taylor Swift Covers 'Maxim, Plus 7 Other Times We Got A Close Up Of The "Bad Blood" Singer's Gorgeous Face

Sure, 2014 may have been the year of Taylor Swift, but that doesn't mean she’s going anywhere for 2015. If anything, she’s come back swinging — and Taylor Swift's Maxim Hot 100 Cover is just one more way she's continuing her world domination. You can literally find this pop star everywhere: In the studio recording tracks with Kendrick Lamar and becoming besties with every up-and-coming millennial female including Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss. Now, the aforementioned Maxim has crowned the country-turned-pop singing goddess number one on their hot list. Basically, we’re basically living in a very Swift era.

Though I never tire of seeing (and envying) that gorgeous face and am loving the cover, Tay, I’m experiencing a bit of déjà vu. I strongly believe that a woman should not be compared to any other woman except the one looking back at her in the rear view mirror, and Miss Swift makes the comparison a bit too easy. You could actually take every magazine cover she has ever posed for, put them side by side, and half of them look the same (minus what she's wearing and the length of her hair). “Strike a pose” is a thing of the past; “I’m ready for my close up” has become her mantra.

Let’s be honest here, if we all looked like Taylor Swift, we’d probably rely on our slightly parted lips and baby blue eyes to sell covers too. We've all got our "thing" and Taylor's is a flawless close up that she has owned time and time again, and again.

Ugh. So flawless.

Check out seven times we got a super close up of our country-turned-pop princess's gorgeous face.

1. Flare Magazine May 2009

So close up we can actually see the dangling gold hoop earrings hiding under Swift's bouncing yellow locks.

2. Parade October 2010

Parted lips and baby blues scream sexy.

3. Allure November 2010

Allure knows beauty, and Swift is a natural.

4. New York Magazine November 2013

Welcome to New York, indeed.

5. Wonderland November 2014

Those low-gazed eyes have me wondering what the pop star's thinking as she posed for this picture.

6. TIME November 2014

Simple yet elegant.

7. Harper's Bazaar Czech 2015

Windswept and international. Perfection.