6 Modern Topics 'Fresh Prince' Would Crush

by Alice Walker

Do you ever find yourself in a tough social situation and think to yourself: how would the Fresh Prince deal with this? Yeah, me too. Even though it’s been off the air since 1996, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air still remains firmly entrenched in our popular culture. People still sing the theme song, still do the Carlton dance, and still hope and pray for a reunion show or even a full reboot. It’s not surprising that people aren’t willing to let go of the show.

Sure, we have some amazing sitcoms on TV now, but none of them offer the quality of life lessons that the Banks clan gave us. Some were hilarious (Will Smith’s dating advice is rivaled only by that of Zach Morris), some were sad (never forget the many heart-wrenching hospital scenes) and some, like those that featured racial profiling and gang violence, were surprisingly reflective and thought-provoking.

If Fresh Prince was still on the air today, it would definitely tackle modern issues and phenomenons with its signature brand of humor and gravity. Here are the six most likely modern topics Fresh Prince would cover. After all, if Boy Meets World and Full House can come back, there is no reason we shouldn't have more Fresh Prince.


If Hilary Banks had her own theme song it would be "Let Me Take A Selfie." She would have the most up-to- date iPhone and apps, and would constantly be snapping pictures of herself looking too fabulous. In the end, she’d probably learn a solid lesson about the other benefits of social media: like taking pictures of your food.

Government Diversity

How times have changed since the '90s! I would love to see how Smith and co. would react to the Obama administration, Cory Booker, and all of the major changes in D.C. that have shaken out over the last two decades.


Is Phil Banks the original #Dadbod? Would Geoffrey get in on the movement? The world might never know.


Never one to shy away from real social issues, there is no way the show would skip over the bullying epidemic that has dominated news headlines.


Can you imagine a Jazzy Jeff Twitter account?! We could live-tweet the episodes as they talk about tweeting… it would be so perfectly meta.

Online Dating

Just think about Carlton’s online dating profile for a second, please. More sweater-vest pictures than you’d know what to do with. We saw the characters date before online dating became a phenomenon, and I want to live in a world where Will is the Match.com love guru.

It'd be so perfect.

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