All Of Your Feelings About The 'Full House' Theme

Full House reruns were the thing to watch on Saturday mornings in the '90s. As a kid, I remember spending the wee hours of the morning with the Tanner family long before my actual family woke up, and three or four episodes could go by before I decided to change the channel. Because these Saturday morning reruns were a thing long before DVR was, anyone watching the series heard the Full House theme song at least three times a Saturday. Now, when I hear the theme song, I'm immediately brought back to those early mornings with the Tanner family — and I'm sure a ton of Full House fans can relate to all of the feelings that come along with it.

The Full House theme song, titled "Everywhere You Look," which was written for the series and performed by Jesse Frederick, will forever be associated with the Tanner family, the Golden Gate Bridge, and family picnics in the park — so much so that I can't even imagine the song without the show's familiar opening theme. The theme song is practically an extension of the Tanner family — warm, familiar, and inviting — and it's no wonder that it stuck with the series throughout all eight seasons of the sitcom.

Here are all the feelings you have while watching the opening theme of Full House:

Now watch the theme song again below.

Image: ABC; Dawn Foster/Bustle