You May Be The Seth Cohen Of Your Friend Group

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade or so, chances are you've at least heard of The O.C. 's comic book-loving heartthrob, Seth Cohen. (No, scratch that. Even if you have been living under a rock, you should still know who this incredible character is.) Sure, Ryan Atwood may have brought the bad boy persona and broody, misunderstood look to the hit teen series, but at the end of the day, no girl could resist swooning over his socially awkward brother in arms. Not only was Seth adorably sweet and hilariously sarcastic, but he also created the greatest fake holiday of all time: Chrismukkah. I mean, what's not to love, right? Though when it comes to the incredible cast of characters on The O.C., you pretty much can't go wrong.

But one of the many great things about Seth was how relatable he always seemed to be. Aside from dealing with the ups and downs of a complex love life, he also understood the social struggles that kids face throughout high school. And while I realize that there can only be one true Seth Cohen, that doesn't mean his wonderfully quirky personality can't be spotted amid our own group of friends. In fact, there's a distinct chance that you're actually the Seth Cohen of your friend group. But just in case you have any doubts on the matter, here are some clear cut signs that you and Cohen are one and the same.

1. No One Appreciates The Holidays Quite Like You

No amount of Grinch-iness can squash your holiday merriment.

2. You Believe In Love At First Bite

Because why wouldn't true love and food be linked?

3. You Have A Knack For Making People Laugh

Sure, sometimes you may wish your friends took you a bit more seriously, but deep down, humor comes as naturally to you as breathing. Don't ignore your talent. Embrace it, Seth Cohen-style.

4. You Tend To Be Somewhat Overdramatic

But luckily, you're so charming that it's thought of as downright adorable.

5. You're All About Big Grand Gestures

Regardless of how ridiculous you may feel, you think love is worth it.

6. Bagels Are One Of Your Main Food Groups

Nom, nom, nom.

7. You Can Never Get Enough Of Your Favorite Snacks

You just want all the things.

8. You're The Life Of Any Party

With dance moves that just won't quit.

9. Sure, You Can Be A Little Shy At Times

Depending on the situation.

10. And Socially Awkward Pretty Much 24/7

In the most lovable kind of way, of course.

11. But What You Lack Socially, You Make Up For In Stealth

*Ninja mode activated*

12. You Don't Hide Your Flaws. You Embrace Them

And it's all part of what makes you as undeniably awesome as Seth Cohen himself. Well done.

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