If Seth Cohen & Blair Waldorf Had A Baby, There Are 7 Things We Could Expect From That Perfect Toddler

I have the best, most adorable news, you guys! Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are expecting their first child together, or at least so the rumor mill is claiming at the moment. In case that sentence didn't make sense to you because you were raised by television shows and imprinted on their characters like the rest of us, Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are having a baby. Hurray! Seth Cohen is the name of the character Brody played on The O.C. from 2003 to 2007, and Blair is Meester's role from Gossip Girl, which aired from 2007 to 2012. Even though the two of them never starred on the same show or overlapped in any way, it's still super fun to think of their fictional characters winding up together in some weird parallel TV universe.

And I think part of that is because Meester and Brody are so secretive in real life. The two of them met in secret, got engaged in secret, got married in secret... and the only reason we even think we know Meester is expecting is because someone snapped a photo of her with a pretty obvious baby bump. Otherwise, these two play their cards pretty close to their chest, so we get very few deets about their personal life, and we have to respect that. (Or make up rumors like this one. Whatever.)

But I suspect that would be far from the case if this was Seth and Blair we were talking about. I have a feeling that they'd be all over social media with their announcements, sharing updates every step of the way. And, since Meester has yet to even confirm herself that she's pregnant, let's satisfy our curiosity about this wee babe by laying out exactly what we can expect from the spawn of Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen.

It'll Have A Wacky Middle Name

Seth was rocking out with Ezekiel, while Blair was sporting Cornelia, so, boy or girl, it's gonna be a very fancy ride.

She'll Have Frenemies

Early favorites include James Reynolds, daughter of Blake Lively, who played Blair's frenemy Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, and Briar Rose Christensen, daughter of Rachel Bilson, who played Seth's off-and-on love interest Summer on The O.C..

He'll Be A Member Of A Tight Foursome

Hey, if the structure ain't broke, don't fix it. Having a close-knit group of four friends appears to be the way to go. For Seth, it was himself, Ryan, Marissa, and Summer, and, for Blair, it was herself, Serena, Chuck, and Nate.

She'll Always Be Dressed To The Nines

I don't think I have to tell you that fashion-conscious Blair wouldn't stand for it any other way.

He Or She Will Go To An Ivy

Or at least want to! Even though he eventually attended Rhode Island's School of Design after being rejected from Brown University, Seth's original goal was an Ivy. Meanwhile, Blair started out at New York University, and later transferred to Columbia University.

He'll Want To Be The Center Of Attention

At first, it might seem like overconfidence, but, at the end of the day, Seth and Blair both have good hearts, so their offspring won't be any different — no matter what kind of exterior he or she throws up.

She'll Be Just About The Cutest Thing Imaginable

Can't be alone in feeling like I would KILL for those genes.

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