'Finding Carter' Season 2 Gets 12 Additional Episodes & It's The Best News Since Max Survived That Gunshot

Say it with me, Finding Carter fans, "YAAAAAAAS." On Monday, MTV and the swoon-worthy Alex Saxon announced that Finding Carter Season 2 will get 12 additional episodes that will air later this year. Because, really, Tuesday nights are nothing without the MTV drama and Lori's endless supply of crazy-lady wigs. This news won't come as a surprise to anyone who's been following the series closely since it premiered last summer. There are obviously still plenty of secrets to be revealed, hook-ups to be had, and letters for Lori to write Carter in Season 2. And, really, this season can't end before Maxlor manage to get back together, right?

So, when will these additional 12 episodes air? Finding Carter Season 2 premiered at the end of March and will air its twelfth episode in mid-June — knowing that, fans can safely assume that MTV could start airing the second half of Season 2 as early as September. Saxon does tease in the below video that the episodes will arrive "later this year," after all. Sure, having to spend the dog days of summer without our weekly dose of Wilson family drama will be tough, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel for us.

And, if a countdown doesn't put your mind at ease, here's Saxon revealing the announcement to get you through:


Image: screengrab/MTV